Saturday, September 25, 2010

at Williams Saturday 25Sep2010

In sunny summer weather you put immediate pressure on Williams to set up a goal by Emily Niehaus in the 2nd minute! You had the majority of possession in the first half, preventing Williams from shooting until the 36th minute.

Your pressure early in the second half led to a 2nd goal, which should be attributed to Emily N's strong presence but might have been off a Williams boot. After that, Williams gained some strength and finally got a goal off a corner near the hour mark. You recovered quickly and retaliated with three more goals -- one orchestrated by Laura and Molly to Emily N, another off a cross from Laura to Emily N's head and the last by Emily Baer.

It was impressive to get this result after training only a few days together! You learned as you played that diagonal passes and crosses worked well against Williams. Credit to Williams for putting pressure on you, making you learn to pass quicker when you couldn't connect all of your passes.

Abbe's parents provided cookies and praise for the team -- they admired the composed passing out of the back by the defense and the team cohesion. The cool new 14's contributed to the results with key plays, assists and even a goal!

F: Emily N+Bri, Courtney
CM: Felds+Sarah, Molly+Emily B, Liz N+Betsy
OM: Jenn+Ginny, Casey+Laura, Betsy+Katherine
CD: Elle+Collin, Hannah+Jess
OD: Annie+Liz K, Blythe+Mila
GK: Abbe

Shots 19:11 Saves 6:4
2 Emily N --> 1:0
3 Ginny shot over
10 Wms corner
13 Jenn shot wide
14 Emily N shot wide
17 Betsy shot wide
20 Laura shot over
24 Laura shot saved
26 Casey shot wide
29 Collin shot wide
36 Wms shot wide
40 Wms shot saved by Abbe
40 Wms shot wide
48 Emily N/Wms o.g.? --> 2:0
49 Wms shot saved
50 Emily N shot wide
54+55 Wms shot saved by Abbe
55 Wms shot wide
57 Wms shot wide
58 Wms corner went in --> 2:1
59 Emily N shot saved
60 Emily N off cross from Molly set up by Laura --> 3:1
62 Laura shot over
63 D corner
65 Wms corner
67 Emily N headed in cross from Laura --> 4:1
68 D corner
69 Wms corner
70+83 Wms shot saved by Abbe
84 Bri's shot saved
86 Emily Baer scored from 20 yds out --> 5:1
88 Felds free kick saved
89 Jenn shot wide