Monday, October 28, 2013

Penn State at Regional Tournament in Quarter Final 27Oct2013

After the game with Georgetown, we heard that Delaware had scored slightly more goals than we had, but our undefeated record earned us a wide-card assignment in the quarterfinals! Since we already had played Delaware, we elected to play last year's champions, Penn State, who were undefeated in the league (as were we).

We spoke just before the game about enjoying our time at Regionals and that all the pressure was on Penn State since they were the returning semi-finalists -- that we had nothing to lose!

They had immense speed, especially on the sides, and they were more skilled than Delaware, so they were much more difficult for us to contain. Their first three goals were gifted to them by us, but their 4th goal was due to pure speed after a kick-and-run play. We had trouble keeping the ball due to their immense pressure and beating us to most 50/50 balls.

At the half we spoke about not giving up and trying to score on them -- and just having fun being so successful in our first trip to Regionals. 

Their fifth goal was brilliant -- in the left upper 90 -- nothing we could do about it! After that, Natalie, Caroline G and Allison got shots off, and we limited them to only one shot in the last 34 minutes.

We had a lot to celebrate: Undefeated in our group in our first visit to the tournament! We expected Penn State would be good since they were semi-finalists last year and are a very much larger school than Dartmouth, but we pledged to get them next year!

GK: Hannah, Julia D
CD: Kristin+Tessa, Lindsay
OD: Mari+Liz, Annie+Kate, Caroline V
CM: Julia+Molly, Amanda FC, Shelby+Caroline V
OM: Sarah+Mila, Katherine+Melanie
F: Natalie+Allison, Sophie, Summer, Caroline G

Shots 8:12  Saves 4:3

1 Allison shot saved
3 Penn State shot saved
4 Molly free kick wide
6 Dartmouth clearance unsuccessful --> 0:1
9 Penn State corner
11 Penn State shot wide
16 Penn State shot off cross-bar, rebound saved
17 Penn State shot over
19 Penn State shot wide
21 Penn State shot saved but rebound went in --> 0:2
26 Molly shot wide
28 Penn State corner, Hannah might have been fouled --> 0:3
32 Penn State kick-and-run breakaway --> 0:4
33 Amanda FC shot saved
35 Penn State corner
36 Penn State shot saved
46 Penn State shot upper left --> 0:5
47 Natalie shot wide
48 Natalie shot saved
60 Caroline G shot saved
70 Penn State corner
74 Allison shot wide
78 Penn State shot wide

Georgetown at Regional Tournament 27Oct2013

After a fine breakfast at the Fairfield Inn, we found a tiny patch next to the turf field for our warm-up. We knew that Georgetown had scored twice on Delaware, so we were ready to show them some respect. 

We spoke about being "CALM" and making good passes to keep the ball and create scoring chances.

Parents were there! Cima's mom, dad and puppy, Shelby's mom, Julia's folks and even Melanie's!

Georgetown was fast, especially on their left side -- notably the one Mila called "the player in the red gloves". We had some early chances, but Georgetown was quick to counter, and with their speed got off several shots early in the half.

In the 30th and 34th minutes Melanie evaded her defenders and got perfect crosses off to Allison and Julia for our two goals. It was wonderful that her folks were here from California to see that!

At half-time we spoke about trying to score more goals in case we needed them to stay ahead of Delaware in our group.

The Delaware team was cheering wildly for Georgetown (that was annoying to say the least!), and they showed continued high energy in the second half. Luckily for us many of their shots were off target! 

Natalie almost scored in the 56th minute, and Sarah made a really cool spin to lose her defender before getting a cross onto Summer's feet. Summer's shot was on target, looking to be tucked into the right side of the Georgetown net, but their GK saved it for a corner.

Somehow, Georgetown got ahold of a loose ball in front of our net and scored a goal in the 74th minute, launching the Delaware observers into immense celebration. ARGH!

In the 78th minute, Katherine launched a perfect cross from over 35m out on the left side aimed for the far post, connecting beautifully with Julia's head and going into the net. But the lines-person called it offsides! Double ARGH!

Molly had a good chance at the end of the game, but the wall saved her kick for a corner. We came away happy with an undefeated record in our group but unclear whether we would have any chance of a quarter final game!

GK: Hannah, Julia D
CD: Kristin+Tessa, Lindsay
OD: Mari+Liz, Annie+Kate
CM: Julia+Molly, Shelby+Caroline V
OM: Sarah+Mila, Katherine+Melanie
F: Natalie+Allison, Sophie, Summer, Caroline G

Shots 11:10  Saves 4:3

1 Mila corner saved
5 Georgetown shot saved
9 Dartmouth corner Mila, Molly shot over
16 Georgetown shot wide
26 Georgetown shot wide
29 Georgetown shot saved
30 Melanie to Allison --> 1:0
34 Melanie to Julia --> 2:0
42 Natalie shot saved
45 Georgetown shot wide
     Georgetown shot wide
47 Georgetown shot wide
53 Molly shot over
54 Georgetown shot saved
56 Natalie shot saved for a corner
58 Georgetown shot saved
63 Dartmouth corner
68 Dartmouth shot wide
70 Sarah cross to Summer shot saved for a corner
74 Georgetown scramble by our goal --> 2:1
78 Katherine free kick to Julia header goal ruled offsides
79 Molly free kick off wall for a corner

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Canisius at Regional Tournament 26oct2013

After a work/rest period in the pavillion, we headed back out into the windy cool sun for our second game. We heard that Canisius, a school in Buffalo, had tied Georgetown (the team we were to play last)

We were to play without Amanda FC, who had been coughing all night -- she was smart to go get medical advice after our first game. Even more impressive that she played so well and scored a goal vs Delaware while being 'under the weather' (so to speak).
We played a little keep-away and had some shots on a vacant goal before starting around 4:30pm. 

The ball was in the Canisius half most of the time. After a corner kick, Mila sent Allison a pass that led in the 2nd minute to our first goal. Only 4 minutes later, Sarah made a spin to lose her defender on left side before setting up Julia for our 2nd goal.

Molly had a shot wide just before Natalie hit what many would term a 'cracker' from the left side of the field into the right upper 90 side-netting for our 3rd goal. 

Shelby, Molly and Sophie had off-target shots before Katherine's shot in the 29th minute forced a save for a corner kick. Kristin also made a shot that forced a save just before half-time.

During the break, Natalie made an eloquent case for shorter passes and scoring more goals in the second half in the event that we needed a high goal-differential in order to make quarterfinals. Liz took that advice to heart and scored from over 30m out with a high, lofted shot that dropped in just under the cross-bar!

A few minutes later Canisius got off their first shot that was saved easily by Julia. Allison had two shots saved and Mari one just before Canisius was whistled for a handball in their penalty box. Sarah did the honors confidently and easily for our 5th goal.

Mostly, we looked like we were holding a clinic focused on good short passes! Many give-and-go combinations that made it tough for Canisius to defend.

Kristin and Caroline V had good but unsuccessful attempts at a 6th goal. The sun was mostly gone, so the temperature dropped into the 40F/5C range. We boarded our cozy Lamoille coach and headed to sumptuous dinner compliments of Joe Nolan (!) at a diner near our rooms at the Fairfield Inn.

GK: Hannah, Julia D
CD: Kristin+Tessa, Lindsay
OD: Mari+Liz, Annie+Kate
CM: Julia+
Molly, Shelby+Caroline V
OM: Sarah+Mila, Katherine+
Melanie, Amanda W
F: Natalie+Allison, Sophie+Summer, Caroline G

Shots 17:2 Saves 2:6

1 Dartmouth corner
2 Mila pass to Allison --> 1:0
6 Sarah to Julia --> 2:0
10 Molly shot wide
11 Natalie from left side of field to right upper 90 --> 3:0
17 Shelby shot wide
18 Molly shot wide
24 Sophie shot over
29 Katherine shot saved for a corner
35 Kristin shot saved
43 Liz from 30+m --> 4:0
44 Canisius shot saved
49 Allison shot saved
50 Allison shot saved
56 Mari shot saved
59 Sarah PK --> 5:0
69 Canisius shot saved
75 Kristin shot saved for a corner
79 Kristin shot over
80 Caroline V shot wide

Delaware at Regional Tournament 26Oct2013

Until our non-league games were included, we were 25th in Region 1, so were not at all sure of having a chance at the Regional Tournament for the top 24 teams. But some teams declined, so we were awarded an at-large bid. After our results with Williams and Middlebury were recorded we were in 9th, right after UVM! Link: Rankings

We were all VERY excited to compete in our first league tournament!

Tessa, Kristin and Julia sprang into action, arranging transportation, lodging and tournament paperwork and fees. Parents offered crucial financial support, too! THANK YOU!

Amanda FC's family invited the WHOLE team to stay at their house Friday night, and they served an elegant sit-down dinner when we arrived! Salmon, chicken, pasta, couscous, rice, salad, drinks, apple strudel, fresh fruit, cookies, EVERYTHING! Finally around mid-night we were in bed, planning to rise at 5:30am so we could reach Downington, PA, in time for our first game of three.

Amanda's family had prepared a huge breakfast spread and to-go lunch materials all ready when we came downstairs at 6am! Oatmeal, eggs, juice, INCREDIBLE coffee, sandwich contents, nuts, trail mix, yogurt, cookies, banana bread, and more!

Tom, our driver with Lamoille bus company, got us to the field right on time, where we met up with Liz and Caroline G. We were able to squeeze tiny keep-away games into a patch between fields, and we were ready at 10am for #3-ranked Delaware.

Parents came! Liz's dad, Katherine's mom, dad and puppy, Ellie, Julia's mom and dad, Caroline V's dad, Shelby's mom, Amanda FC's parents and brother!

Delaware showed great speed down the sides and were able to serve their first free kick onto the head of one of their players -- saved by Hannah. They got a large number of corner kicks by sending the ball wide. After one of their shots was saved by Hannah, Allison had a chance that sailed over the cross-bar in the 6th minute. Mila served two nice high corners in the 7th.

Delaware got through our back line with a clever dribble and sent in a lightly tapped rolling shot that almost was cleared by Kristin in the 10th minute for their first goal. They had a few more chances prevented by Hannah before we forced their keeper to make a save for a corner. Mila's fine lofted cross found Amanda FC, who volleyed it into their net to tie up the score 1:1!

For the rest of the 40-minute half, Delaware had three good shots saved by Hannah before we were called on a tackle in our penalty box. Delaware's PK put them ahead again in the 30th minute. Late in the half Caroline V had a good chance that was headed over their cross-bar. 

At half-time we had lots of good suggestions for better passes, marking, using wide areas and being more collected. We took that to heart and played a much better half.

After Julia D made two key saves, Allison threaded a pass to Julia, whose energetic and willful play got us our second goal to tie up the game again! In the 59th minute, Kristin's header after Liz's free kick almost put us ahead!

While Delaware had more to prove today because of their high ranking, we were delighted with a well-earned draw!

GK: Hannah+Julia D
CD: Kristin+Tessa, Lindsay
OD: Mari+Kate, Annie+Liz, Amanda W
CM: Julia+Amanda FC, Shelby+Molly
OM: Sarah+Mila, Caroline V+Melanie, Katherine
F: Natalie+Allison, Sophie+Summer, Caroline G

Shots 7:13  Saves 9:1

2 Delaware free kick, header saved

3 Mila's free kick
4 Delaware corner
5 Delaware shot saved
6 Allison shot over
7 Dartmouth corner Mila
   Dartmouth corner Mila
10 Delaware dribble, rolling shot almost cleared by Kristin --> 0:1
12 Delaware shot saved
14 Delaware free kick
     Delaware shot saved
15 Dartmouth shot deflected for a corner by Mila, Amanda FC volley --> 1:1
19 Delaware shot blocked by FC
29 Delaware corner saved
22 Delaware corner
23 Delaware corner
26 Delaware shot hit the cross-bar
27 Delaware shot saved
28 Delaware corner
30 Delaware PK --> 1:2
36 Dartmouth free kick
37 Dartmouth corner
     Dartmouth corner, Caroline V header over
38 Dartmouth corner
41 Delaware shot saved
44 Delaware shot saved
46 Allison threaded pass to Julia --> 2:2
49 Delaware free kick
54 Delaware corner
56 Delaware corner
59 Liz free kick --> corner, Kristin's header saved
64 Delaware shot wide
65 Dartmouth corner Molly
     Amanda W shot over
66 Delaware corner
73 Delaware shot wide
80 Dartmouth corner

Saturday, October 19, 2013

at Wiliams 19Oct2013

We were sad when Williams didn't have enough players to come to Hanover Oct 5th, so we looked forward to playing them at their field after a scenic trip south past Bromley and Stratton. As Amanda Winch said on the trip, we are lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

We arrived in plenty of time for a thorough warm-up amid many other teams -- rugby, frisbee, varsity soccer -- it looked like a summer camp! The sun was out and it was a very comfortable ~70F/20C.

Parents came! Katherine's mom, dad and puppy, Kate's mom and Caroline V's mom (GREAT since Kate and Caroline played on the same high school team!).

When our team arrived before the host team and noticed only one bench, they chose to sit on the grass and leave the bench for Williams! Tells a lot about our team's attitude! This did not go unnoticed by the Williams coach!

We spoke about making good passes and putting immediate pressure when we lose the ball. Our passing was great, but credit Williams for high pressure and lots of energy. They had some chances but we dominated the shooting. Their GK did well!

Mari, Sarah, Melanie, Shelby, Mila, Liz, Caroline V, Amanda W all had shots in the first half! Tessa and Lindsay led a confident back line, and we won a majority of the 50/50 challenges. Caroline, Shelby and Liz controlled the center of the field really well, and we made many many great passes and switches of direction.

At half-time we spoke about our first-half long passes into the box and unsuccessful chips over their defense. We surmised that shorter passes or crosses to the 18 might be more effective in the second half.

A few minutes after the Williams GK smothered Sarah's threatening dribble into their box, Mari had a nice shot from distance that went wide. Melanie got a good chance that went over, and Mari had another shot -- this one on target that was saved. 

At the hour mark, Shelby pin-pointed a pass to Sarah's foot, which seemed easily to find the back of the net for the first goal of the game. Around that time, Tessa went to ground and banged her knee, so Liz subbed for her in center back.

The second half saw even better possession from us and much better short give-and-go passing that seemed to tire Williams even though they had lots of subs. Many of our players were subbed for only a short time, and Caroline and Lindsay played the whole game -- looking fresh and sprightly the whole time!

Caroline and Shelby got shots off before Sarah's shot hit the cross-bar and dropped straight down, reminiscent of England's 1966 World Cup goal -- but Sarah's shot was deemed correctly not to have crossed the goal line entirely.

Summer, Sarah and Mila got shots off, Julia saved a Williams shot, and then Mila slotted an accurate pass to Shelby, whose shot the Williams GK handled but couldn't keep from rolling into the goal.

Amanda Winch made a great shot on target that forced a save for a corner, and, a minute later, Mila made a run down the right side to put a ball out in front of the Williams goal for her sister, Sophie, to tap into the goal.

Julia made another save on a Williams shot on target, and seconds later Mila got in behind the Williams defense for her goal in the 83rd minute.

As the official said, it was a good game -- played fairly and cleanly. While we dominated with 27 shots to their 8, all of their shots were on target, so they could have come away with a goal or two had it not been for Julia's expertise and our intelligent and well-organized defensive back line.

GK: Julia D
CD: Tessa+Lindsay, Liz
OD: Mari+Kate, Annie+Amanda W
CM: Shelby+Caroline V, Liz, Summer
OM: Sarah+Sophie, Katherine+Mila
F: Melanie+Summer, Christine

Shots 27:8 Saves 8:14

2 Williams shot saved
5 Mari shot saved
8 Sarah shot saved
9 Williams shot saved
10 Melanie shot saved
12 Williams shot saved
14 Dartmouth corner
19 Dartmouth corner
     Sarah shot saved
22 Shelby shot saved
25 Mila shot saved
26 Liz free kick over
27 Mila shot saved
30 Caroline V shot saved
35 Amanda W shot saved
37 Annie blocked a Williams attempt
     Williams corner
42 Liz shot over
46 Sarah dribble, shot saved 
     Dartmouth corner
48 Mari shot wide
55 Dartmouth corner
     Melanie shot over
56 Mari shot saved
59 Williams shot saved
60 Shelby to Sarah --> 1:0
62 Caroline V shot wide
65 Shelby shot over
     Sarah shot hit the cross-bar, bounced down!
     Summer shot wide
71 Sarah shot saved
72 Mila shot saved
74 Williams shot saved
75 Mila pass to Shelby, GK couldn't hold --> 2:0
78 Amanda W shot saved for a corner
79 Mila cross to Sophie --> 3:0
83 Williams shot saved
     Mila breakaway --> 4:0
84 Melanie shot over
90 Williams shot saved

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Middlebury 15Oct2013

Our league schedule made it difficult to arrange a match with Middlebury, but they were very accommodating to travel to us during the week. They were able to find only 11 players to make the trip!

Lindsay's grandmother was there! And Middlebury even had some fans. The weather was perfect for playing -- cloudy but about 60F/15C. Since it would be dark around 6pm, we decided to play 40-minute halves.

We spoke about making high-quality passes and putting on immediate pressure when we lose the ball -- a la Barcelona. That certainly worked! In the 2nd minute Julia made a cross to Allison for our first goal! A minute later Julia scored on her own. Then Hannah made a save on a shot from Middlebury.

Caroline Vanacore almost scored on the corner in the 6th minute! Then Julia, Sarah, Summer, Kristin and Allison all put shots on target that Middlebury saved. One of Julia's shots hit the post and bounced back out.

Then in the 37th minute, Katherine scored from something like 25m on the right side of the field with a wonderfully aimed shot to the upper left corner of the net! Caroline V had another shot saved right after that, and Hannah made another save on a shot by Middlebury.

At half-time, our defenders made some decisions about how they would be organized and mark attackers, and we spoke about keeping the ball by not always going forward when it didn't seem optimal. 

In the early part of the 2nd half, Sarah, Allison, Summer, Natalie, Caroline V and Mari all had chances. It was so GREAT to see our outside defenders getting forward to do that!

In the 51st minute, Natalie's shot forced a save that gave us a corner. Summer put her cross just in front of Kristin, who scored our 4th goal!

Middlebury kept working hard even though they had no subs, and, in the 65th minute, Julia D saved a Middlebury free kick and right after that saved two more shots. 

Kristin scored our 5th goal on her rocket of a free kick from distance. Julia, Allison, Amanda FC, Natalie, Mari, Katherine and Summer all had shots after that, before dark enshrouded us.

Middlebury's coach, Jeff Brown, complimented our team for their passing and control of the game. He said they always enjoy playing our team!

GK: Hannah + Julia D
CD: Tessa+Lindsay
OD: Mari+Caroline V, Liz
CM: Julia+Kristin, Amanda FC
OM: Sarah+Summer, Katherine
F: Natalie+Allison, Sophie

Shots 36:6  Saves 4:17

2 Julia S cross to Allison --> 1:0
3 Julia! --> 2:0
5 Middlebury shot saved
6 Dartmouth corner
   Caroline V header saved
7 Julia shot saved
8 Dartmouth corner
9 Dartmouth corner
   Sarah shot saved
14 Sarah shot saved
   Summer shot saved
   Kristin shot saved
16 Kristin shot wide
17 Allison shot saved
19 Sarah shot saved for a corner
30 Julia shot hit the upright, bounced back out
37 Katherine shot to the upper left side --> 3:0
38 Caroline V shot saved
39 Middlebury shot saved
40 Sarah shot saved
43 Allison shot wide
45 Summer shot wide
46 Dartmouth corner
47 Natalie shot saved
48 Middlebury shot wide
50 Mari shot over
51 Natalie shot deflected for a Dartmouth corner 
     Summer's cross to Kristin --> 4:0
56 Allison shot saved
57 Caroline shot wide
58 Dartmouth corner
     Summer shot wide
60 Middlebury shot over
62 Sarah shot saved
63 Kristin shot saved
65 Middlebury free kick saved
66 Middlebury shot saved
67 Kristin free kick --> 5:0
71 Julia shot saved
74 Allison shot saved
75 Amanda FC shot over
76 Natalie shot wide
77 Mari shot deflected
     Katherine shot deflected
78 Summer shot wide
79 Allison shot wide
     Allison shot over

Saturday, October 12, 2013

UMass 12Oct2013

Due to our three wins and two tie games with UConn and UVM, we had 11 points, while UMass had 9 from three wins and two losses. Both teams wanted to win in order to gain a chance at an at-large invitation to Regionals later in October.

Mostly cloudy skies at ~60F/15C, the weather was perfect for a noon match after the bonfire the previous night. Alumnae came! Annie Saunders, Ally Gittens, Jenn O'Donnell, Emily Niehaus! Jenn commented that when she arrived at the field she noticed how much better our passing was than last year!

Many families were here to see us play, too! Liz's folks and siblings, Katherine's mom and dad and puppy, Molly's folks, Lindsay's grandparents, Hannah's family, Amanda W's parents and brother, Melanie's mother and sister, Julia's parents -- maybe others!?

We had 24 out of 25 players available! There was a discussion about switching to 3-5-2 defense-midfield-forwards from our usual 4-4-2 -- we decided to wait to consider trying that in the 2nd half. We spoke about keeping it simple (passes) and holding onto the ball as much as possible.

Both teams were extremely energetic and put high pressure on each other. UMass did a good bit of kick-and-run, and for some time we did some of that too -- giving up the ball perhaps too easily and not always seeing the easy passes.

In the first half, Natalie, Mila, Allison, Molly and Julia had some great chances, and UMass tried several long shots that mostly were off-target -- Hannah only had to save one of their shots.

At half-time we spoke again about making better passes and having more possession. We also decided to try 3-5-2 in hopes that it might help us get more service through the midfield and provide more scoring chances.

Our passing was much better in the second half, but we found that the new formation wore out the midfield very quickly and put more pressure on our back line. We celebrated when we saw Molly's indirect free kick go in the net, but it was disallowed because it was deemed not to have been touched by another player on our team.

Julia D made 9 saves in the second half! We decided to switch back to 4-4-2 because it led to so many chances for UMass. In the 71st minute, Natalie's shot (that was saved for a corner) set up Katherine's corner kick that found Amanda FC's sure foot for the first goal.

We saw a great deal of pressure from UMass after that, and we could not put much offense together. Finally, in overtime, they converted on a long-distance lob that just snuck under the crossbar to tie the game.

We were disappointed to give up a goal, but a point from this game gives us 12 points -- enough to keep us in 3rd place in our division. We smartly decided not to play any extra time to see if we could get the win -- good! (link for league results: Region 1)

We were DELIGHTED that Ron Cima was there again to take great photos of the team and the action! Thank you, Ron!

GK: Hannah, Julia D
CD: Tessa+Kristin, Caroline V+Lindsay
OD: Annie+Liz, Christine+Kate
CM: Julia+Molly, Shelby and Amanda FC
OM: Sarah+Mila, Amanda W+Katherine, Mari+Summer
F: Nat+Allison, Sophie+Caroline G, Summer

Shots 17:21  Saves 13:9

9 Natalie shot saved
   Natalie shot saved for a corner
10 UMass shot over
13 Natalie shot saved
     Mila shot saved for a corner
15 UMass shot over
19 Molly shot blocked
20 Allison shot wide
22 UMass cross saved
24 Mila shot wide
25 Julia shot saved for a corner
27 Natalie shot wide
35 UMass shot wide
36 UMass shot over
38 Lindsay prevented a UMass shot for a corner
41 UMass shot wide
44 UMass shot saved
45 UMass shot saved
46 Allison shot saved
47 UMass shot saved
48 Molly indirect free kick went in but disallowed
51 Amanda FC free kick wide
57 Dartmouth corner
58 UMass shot saved
60 UMass shot saved
     UMass shot over
61 UMass shot saved, Mila cleared rebound
64 Allison header wide
69 Mila shot saved
71 Natalie shot saved for a corner
     Katherine's corner converted by Amanda FC-> 1:0
75 UMass shot saved
83 UMass shot saved
85 UMass free kick hit the wall 
88 UMass shot saved
89 UMass shot saved for a corner
91 UMass lob from distance --> 1:1