Sunday, September 27, 2015

at Yale 27sep2015

After a 10-minute break, we played Yale on their bumpy long grass. The parent scouting report was that Yale was quicker than Fairfield, so we spoke about keeping a high passing tempo.

After Sophie's shot over the bar, Yale got in behind us for a breakaway that parents though was offsides, but with only one ref it is very difficult to see offsides. Hannah did her best to come out and be as big as possible, but Yale slotted the shot in for their first goal. 

After Christyn's shot was saved and a couple Dartmouth corner kicks, Lindsey got off a shot on target that was saved in the 19th minute. Immediately after that, Lindsey rattled the upright with another shot and Haley was in just the right spot to be able to put in the rebound to tie up the score.

Haley got off another shot in the 27th minute that went wide. Both teams were working very hard for possession! At half time we spoke about getting the ball to do more of the work by getting it moving quicker.

In the 1st minute of the 2nd half, Rose's shot hit the cross bar! About 10 minutes later she got off another shot that went wide; immediately after that when she took a corner kick, Caroline's shot was saved. 

Yale got lucky in the 44th minute when we lost the ball and they were scrappy in front of our net. Lindsey's shot in the 48th minute was saved. 

Their two goals did not reflect how well we played! We looked like the better team today, but they were lucky! Our control of the midfield, our solid back line and our much-improved passing made us look great. We had good chances, too, so we can't feel much defeat!

GREAT to see so many fans! Kate's mom, Christyn's parents, Caroline's family, Nat's parents, Julia's family, Callie's family, maybe others?! And such wonderful food! THANKS!

G: Hannah
CD: Kate+Lindsay
OD: Mari+Elise, Christina+Callie
CM: Caroline+Lindsey, Liz
OM: Sophie+Julia, Maria+Nat, Izzy+Lizzie
F: Rose+Christyn, Haley+Mel

Shots 10:2  Saves 0:4

3 Sophie shot over
8 Yale breakaway --> 0:1
10 Christyn shot saved, corner
17 Dartmouth corner
19 Lindsey shot saved
20 Lindsey shot saved
24 Yale corner
27 Haley shot wide
31 Rose shot hit the cross bar
32 Yale corner
42 Rose shot wide
43 Rose corner, Caroline shot saved
44 Yale scrappy play in front of our goal --> 1:2
48 Lindsey shot saved

Fairfield at Yale 27sep2015

Leaving Hanover in brisk 40+F overcast weather, after a 3-hour trip down I-91 through some fog (I saw one deer by the side of the road!) the sun came out over Massachusetts. We arrived in New Haven in time to warm up for our first game with Fairfield at 11:15am. Yale played Fairfield beforehand.

So many fans! Kate's mom, Christyn's parents, Caroline's family, Nat's parents, Julia's family, Callie's family, maybe others?! Wonderful food (after the two games) from the parents and siblings!

Before the first 30-minute half we spoke about quicker passes.

Fairfield was eager to press, and they got off the first shot -- saved by Hannah in the 8th minute. Soon after, Christyn and Lindsey both put shots on Fairfield's net that were saved. 

Fairfield put another shot for Hannah to save before Sophie had her shot saved in the 13th minute. In the 21st minute Haley set up Melanie for her beautiful shot into the upper left corner of the Fairfield net for our first goal.

After a Fairfield shot wide and Haley's shot over the bar, Liz put a shot wide before Elise took a free kick just before half time.

Early in the 2nd half, Christyn got off another shot that was saved before Hannah saved a shot from Fairfield in the 35th minute. Hannah immediately sent the ball long for Christyn, who promptly put the ball past the Fairfield goalkeeper for our 2nd goal!

Sophie had another shot saved and Christyn put a shot wide before Kate made a huge save off the line when Hannah came out to prevent a shot but the rebound came back at our net. Good save, Kate!

It was good for us to see huge improvement in our play during this game! Our passing was much better and more diagonal as the game progressed.

F: Rose+Christyn, Mel+Haley
CM: Caroline+Lindsey, Liz
OM: Sophie+Julia, Maria+Nat, Izzy+Lizzie
CD: Lindsay+Kate

OD: Mari+Elise, Christina+Callie
G: Hannah

Shots 10:7  Saves 4:5

4 Dartmouth corner
8 Fairfield shot saved
10 Christyn shot saved, Lindsey shot saved
12 Fairfield shot saved
13 Sophie shot saved
18 Fairfield shot over
19 Fairfield corner
21 Haley pass to Mel shot upper left corner --> 1:0
23 Fairfield shot wide
26 Haley shot over
29 Liz shot wide
30 Elise free kick
33 Christyn shot saved
34 Fairfield corner
35 Fairfield shot saved, Hannah sent ball long to Christyn --> 2:0
38 Sophie shot saved
39 Christyn shot wide
39 Fairfield shot wide
40 Kate saved a Fairfield shot off the line!
46 Dartmouth corner
56 Fairfield shot hit the (out)side netting

Saturday, September 19, 2015

UMass 19sep2015

After a quick break for a bite to eat, we were back at Sachem for our 2nd game, with UMass, who are always competitive and were looking for redemption after losing to us last fall.

UMass came out very energetically, pressuring us quickly and showing a great deal of confidence in their play. It was difficult for either side to keep much possession. 

The first recorded shot came in the 11th minute when Hannah saved their shot. Later, Maria earned us a free kick.

Hannah saved another shot in the 26th minute. In the last minute of the half after UMass pushed Liz Hyde to the ground and the players all thought there would be a whistle for a free kick, UMass put the ball into the upper left corner of our net even though Hannah was able to get a hand on it.

At half-time we spoke about getting the ball moving more quickly in order to combat the high UMass pressure.

After UMass put a shot over early in the 2nd half, Rose got off a good shot that was saved. A UMass player kicked our new goalkeeper Laura in the shin, so she needed to step off the field for ice treatment. UMass chipped the ball over Hannah for their second goal in the 43rd minute.

Christyn got a shot off in the 46th minute, and Hannah saved a shot in the 57th minute. A minute later they scored by sneaking the ball into our net from the far  post. 

UMass perpetuated their reputation as a tough, scrappy, physical team whose energy served them well in the last segment of the game. Usually we try to play them later in the season when we are a little more organized and used to playing with each other! We will look forward to playing them again!!

F: Allison+Rose, Mel+Haley
CM: Christyn+Caroline, Lindsey+Liz
OM: Sophie+Julia C, Maria+Julia D,
CD: Lindsay+Kate, Izzy
OD: Mari+Elise, Christina+Callie
G: Hannah, Laura

Shots 2:8  Saves 3:1

11 UMass shot saved by Hannah
12 UMass corner
19 Maria earned a free kick taken by Mel
26 UMass shot saved by Hannah, UMass shot over
30 UMass shot after taking down Liz Hyde --> 0:1
31 UMass shot over
34 Dartmouth corner
35 Rose shot saved
41 Dartmouth corner
43 UMass chipped the ball over Hannah
46 Christyn shot over
57 UMass shot saved by Hannah
58 UMass cross to far post --> 0:3

WPI 19sep2015

Our first game! Nine new players! Double-header with WPI and UMass, playing 30-minute halves.

Sunny and warm with fans from far away! Rose's dad from Utah, Allison's mom from Colorado and her aunt, Hannah's family and adorable puppy Gus!

WPI is a new team this year, so we didn't know quite what to expect.

We wasted no time scoring goals! Rose's shot in the 3rd minute was saved but Sophie put in the rebound, and -- after Christyn's first shot went over -- Mari set up Christyn's goal in the 6th minute.

After WPI had a free kick and a corner, we had two corner kicks, followed by two  shots by WPI saved by Hannah. Mel's shot in the 19th minute went wide but her goal in the 26th minute hit the upper right corner sweetly!

Only two minutes later Haley got on the score sheet!

At half time we spoke about making more diagonal passes and runs. Rose got us a goal in only 3 minutes! Then Allison from Caroline a minute later! Caroline almost scored right after that.

Maria, who just transferred to Dartmouth from Georgetown, scored twice in the span of about a minute, bringing us to 8 goals!

Julia D saved a shot from WPI in the last minute of play.

F: Allison+Rose, Mel+Haley
CM: Christyn+Caroline, Lindsey+Liz
OM: Sophie+Julia C, Natalie, Maria+Lizzie
CD: Lindsay+Kate, Laura+Izzy
OD: Mari+Elise, Christina+Callie
G: Hannah, Julia D

Shots 12:3  Saves 3:1

3  Rose shot punched out, Sophie put away the rebound --> 1:0
4 Christyn shot over
6 WPI free kick, corner
9 Dartmouth corner
10 Dartmouth corner
12 WPI shot saved by Hannah
16 WPI free kick saved by Hannah
17 WPI corner caught by Hannah
19 Mel shot wide
25 WPI free kick
26 Mel shot into upper right --> 2:0
28 Haley --> 3:0
33 Rose --> 5:0
34 Allison from Caroline --> 6:0
37 Dartmouth corner
38 Dartmouth free kick, Allison shot wide
39 Caroline shot wide
43 WPI corner
50 WPI free kick
51 Maria --> 7:0
52 Maria --> 8:0