Saturday, November 5, 2016

Tufts 5Nov2016

In our 18 games versus Tufts since 2003 when we were both JV teams, we have won 12 - lost 1 - tied 6, so we always expect a close, fiercely-played game. The rain stopped just in time and the mostly-cloudy-50sF-temperature weather was perfect for a game!

Morgan's dad was here all the way from CA, joined by Sarah L's dad, Christyn's family, Lizzie's folks and Callie's folks. There were special treats, notably cupcakes from Lou's to celebrate Sarah A's birthday (!) and others to thank the seniors for their many contributions to the team.

We spoke about keeping the ball moving since it can move faster than opposing players. Rose got a shot off in the very first minute but it went wide. Only four minutes later Mel made a long dribble into the Tufts third and got off her shot, which was saved. Rose had a great deal of space on the left side of the field, and the team did a wonderful job seeing and hearing her to switch the play several times -- something we have worked on a lot this fall.

In the 10th minute, Morgan -- playing forward for a change! -- earned a corner that Rose took. Then Lindsey had a shot saved and Haley's hit the upright. In the 27th minute Mel had her shot smothered by the Tufts goalkeeper and right after that Elise made a glorious cross into the Tufts box that Haley magically was able to volley but was saved.

Finally after 30 minutes Tufts had a chance but Laura made the save. Right after that Sarah L took a corner kick that reached Haley but went over the crossbar.

At halftime we reflected on good ball movement and scoring opportunities but suggested that we could benefit by putting earlier pressure on Tufts to force them to be more predictable and/or make mistakes.

In the 43rd minute, Tufts somehow got the ball into our goal box, but Laura came out quickly to prevent a shot. The rebound came off a Tufts player and could have gone in our goal but instead went wide.

Christina showed her immense skill and speed to dribble far up the field several times, and in the 47th minute she earned a free kick after Tufts fouled her. 

Mel got a shot off in the 53rd minute that went wide and a couple minutes later Laura made another save for us when Tufts got a shot off. They had another shot go wide before Haley got off a shot that went wide in the 59th minute. It was wonderful to see Haley and Callie both in great form having both suffered from concussions earlier this season.

Mel got another chance in the 61st minute that went wide just before her immense work-rate paid off when she won space to cross the ball from the left side into the area just in front of the Tufts goalkeeper. Lizzie was there to head the cross in for our only goal. She might have remembered doing the same thing last year when we won 1:0 as well!

Tufts made a threatening cross into our goal box in the 70th minute, but Elise was there to clear it away for a Tufts corner. Five minutes later they got free kick that Laura easily caught. Rose made a key save after subbing in for outside back. In the last minute Laura saved another Tufts shot for a corner, and their final shot went wide. WHEW!

Mari and Christina played the entire game without a sub! Katie played all but a few minutes and didn't really need a sub when Rose went in for her. We played well as a unit and made good passes under pressure. Tufts kept working hard, and the game could have gone either way, so we were lucky to get a win from them. Now we're 12-1-6 W-L-T with them.

After the game we sang Happy Birthday to Sarah A and enjoyed many fine treats and a touching rose-presentation for seniors. Four years seems to fly by fast when you're having as much fun as this team has!

Shots 11:7  Saves 7:4

F: Morgan, Lizzie, Meredith, Haley, Nat
CM: Sarah L+Lindsey+Mel, Elise, Namya
OM: Rose+Christyn, Haley+Jenna, Nat+Sarah A
CD: Mari+Christina
OD: Callie+Katie, Elise, Rose
G: Laura

1 Rose shot wide
5 Mel long dribble, shot saved
10 Morgan earned a corner taken by Rose
13 Lindsey shot saved
24 Haley shot hit the post
27 Mel shot smothered
28 Elise to Haley volley saved
30 Tufts shot saved by Laura
31 Sarah L corner, Haley shot over
43 Laura out to block a shot, rebound wide
47 Christina earned free kick taken by Elise
53 Mel shot wide
55 Tufts shot saved by Laura
57 Tufts shot wide
59 Haley shot wide
61 Mel shot wide
64 Mel cross from the left side, Lizzie header --> 1:0
70 Tufts cross cleared by Elise for a Tufts corner
75 Tufts free kick saved
78 Rose saved a Tufts shot
80 Tufts shot saved by Laura for a corner, Tufts shot wide