Saturday, October 29, 2011

at BU 29Oct2011

The last time I visited BU's field at Danehy Park in Cambridge, I was coaching U12 or U14's from Needham in the '90s.  The forecast for game time was 5C/40F and 30% chance of few showers.  When we arrived it was just beginning to sprinkle.  

Emily Niehaus, who was in Boston before the game, found that the Red line T was out of service so she had quite an adventure finding us!  The BU team took cabs.  

As we warmed up we found a squishy, bumpy field with a very small fraction of grass.  The ball slid, skidded and bounced unpredictably.  It started to rain heavily.  It felt like we were crossing the Atlantic in a storm.  The ref said we would play 40-minute halves.

Both teams seemed pretty happy to be playing.  Movement kept the players warm.  Being on the sidelines required a lot of extra gear.  When we tried to go up the middle we had a lot of trouble keeping possession, but when we went wide and made diagonal passes we were more successful.  

Both teams had trouble with the field, but we seemed to learn more quickly how to string enough passes together to get close to their net. We dominated in shooting and finally on Jenn's corner in the 30th minute Molly got the rebound from Courntey's attempt on goal.  

At half-time we were about to move to the nearby turf field, but the ref said we should stop playing because the BU GK was shaking and could not feel her hands!

Devoted families battled the weather, too!  Bri's parents, Shelby's dad, Molly's parents,  Courntney's family brought cookies, Katherine's dad took more photos!

The drive home was TENSE, including a near-encounter with a swimming Subaru just ahead of us a little north of Concord!  The snow was very wet and covered the pavement from just north of Concord until we got to Hanover.  We might have averaged 35mph!  Thanks to Emily Niehaus for amazing driving!  We were very happy to be home at 7pm!

F: Emily N + Bri,  Courtney+Caroline
OM: Jenn+Mila, Ginny+Katherine
CM: Molly+Julia, Shelby+Laura
OD: Blythe+Liz, Annie O+Tessa
CD: Ally+Annie
G: Hannah

Shots 7:1 Saves 0:3

8 Molly free kick saved
13 Mila shot wide
16 Emily shot wide
17 BU shot wide
23 Dartmouth corner, shot wide
25 Shelby shot wide
30 Jenn's corner reached Courtney, Molly got the rebound --> 1:0
35 Jenn shot wide
36 Mila shot saved

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tufts 22Oct2011

We had amazing fan attendance!  Parents -- of Emily N + Liz, Katherine, Ally, Courtney, Emily B, Annie O -- and alumni -- Sarah Rocio, Betsy Dani-Owens, Emily Baumrin, Abbe Sokol + James Cart, Maura Cass -- loved seeing the team play.  The weather was perfect -- 16C/60F and cloudy but not raining.

Tufts came out strong, putting a lot of pressure on us.  They could have scored first, but we had good goalkeeping and some luck when a Tufts shot hit the post.  

We did what we worked on in practice -- made diagonal passes and switched the field.  Molly had two shots on target.  Then Tufts was called for a hand-ball in the box on Mila's cross from a corner kick.  Emily N converted even though the Tufts keeper got a hand on Emily's shot.

At practice we also worked on being in an open space.  After Natalie's shot was saved in the 15th minute, she made a perfect cross to Bri who was in an open space on the left side of the field.  Bri was very composed and her shot easily found the back of the net.

Tufts kept pressing and got behind our defense to score their first goal in the 31st minute.  They capitalized again in the 40th minute, leveling the score.

In the second half, Tufts kept pressing and put another goal in the net, but we kept our composure and continued to hammer their goal with on-target shots from Katherine and Shelby.  In the 85th minute, Annie O's corner found Emily N at the far post, and she put the ball in the back of the net to level the score.  Julia almost gave us the winning goal in the 88th minute.  

Tufts was the first team to out-shoot us in a long time, so we did well to earn a draw.  Several of the fans noted how well we passed and spread out in possession.   

F: Emily N + Bri,  Courtney+Caroline
OM: Jenn+Mila, Natalie+Katherine, Laura+Natalie
CM: Molly+Julia, Natalie+Laura, Christine+Shelby
OD: Blythe+Liz, Annie O+Christine
CD: Ally+Annie, Ginnie+Tessa
G: Dani, Chelsea

Shots 12:13  Saves 6:5

2 Tufts corner
3 Tufts shot saved
4 Molly shot saved
5 Tufts corner
7 Tufts shot hit the post
7 Tufts shot saved, Jenn helped clear
10 Molly shot saved
12 Mila shot wide
12 Mila corner, Tufts hand-ball, EmilyN pk --> 1:0
15 Natalie shot saved
17 Natalie cross to Bri --> 2:0
20 Tufts corner
21 Tufts shot wide
22 Tufts shot saved
31 Tufts got behind our defense --> 2:1
33 Christine free kick to Shelby headed wide
36 Tufts shot, Dani huge save
36 Tufts corner
39 Tufts shot wide
40 Tufts shot --> 2:2
48 Tufts shot wide
52 Tufts shot wide
55,56 Dartmouth corner
65 Tufts shot --> 2:3
71 Katherine shot saved
75  Tufts corner
77 Shelby shot saved
79,80 Chelsea saves on Tufts crosses
82 Tufts shot wide
85 Emily N shot wide
85 Dartmouth corner Annie O to Emily N --> 3:3
87 Chelsea save on Tufts cross
88 Julia shot over

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Williams 15Oct2011

Blustery 14C/57F with a mix of sunshine and a little rain, the great number of family supporters and friends made it a great day to play!

Both sides pressed hard and looked frantic and disorganized at first, but in the 13th minute Mila slotted a perfect ground pass from the right side across the front of the goal for Emily to deposit into the back of the net.

Hannah saved us from a Williams breakaway, coming out bravely with just the right timing.  Shelby took a shot from long range that almost dropped into the net over their keeper, and Jenn's strong and accurate shot at close range from the right side was saved. 

In the second half, we had more success connecting passes.  Mila's perfect diagonal pass provided Emily with an excellent opportunity; although Emily's shot was prevented, Bri was there to put the loose ball into the net.

Later Christine made a perfect diagonal pass from the middle to the right side into a space that Natalie could run to; her shot was saved.

It was impressive that -- even though we were winning -- so many players discussed ideas for how to improve our tactics and that so many players asked for feedback.  It appeared from the sidelines that we can benefit from having more passing options so we can keep the ball and move altogether as a group -- not get stretched out down the field.

F: Emily N + Bri,  Courtney+Caroline
OM: Jenn+Mila, Ginny+Katherine, Laura+Natalie
CM: Molly+Julia, Natalie+Laura, Christine+Shelby
OD: Blythe+Liz, Annie O+Christine
CD: Ally+Annie, Shelby+Tessa, Molly
G: Hannah

Shots 7:5  Saves 3:3

8 Williams shot saved
13 Mila cross to Emily N --> 1:0
18 Williams shot wide
21 Bri shot wide
24 Hannah came out for a save
24 Williams shot wide
33 Dartmouth corner
34 Shelby shot over
38 Williams shot saved
39 Jenn shot saved
51 Dartmouth corner
54 Mila to Emily whose shot was saved, Bri got rebound --> 2:0
58 Williams shot wide
75 Williams corner
76 Natalie shot saved

Sunday, October 9, 2011

at Middlebury 8Oct2011

Under clear blue skies and 20+C/70+F, we played on Middlebury's varsity field for the first time!  We were psyched to see so many family members there -- Emily and Liz's dad Chris, Courtney's family and Mila's relatives from Burlington.

Our starting eleven wasted no time on advice to be quicker and to keep the ball.  We kept the ball in Middlebury's third well, and in only the 5th minute Molly furnished Emily with an easy tap-in goal.

After a substitution-en-masse, our disorganization allowed Middlebury several scoring chances.  We changed our substitutions to be fewer at a time -- for the remainder of the half Middlebury had only one shot -- it hit the post.

At half-time we spoke again about quick, easy more-diagonal passes and attacking and defending as a unit.  We noted that Middlebury often was sending long balls over our defense.  

In the second half, Middlebury stepped up their energy and had three shots -- one that Chelsea (our amazing backup GK) saved, one wide and one that hit the cross-bar.  We defended well and had better possession with 5 shots.  Bri set up Julia's goal in the 53rd minute.

Middlebury's coach praised our team, and we were pleased to play well enough to get such a positive result -- especially since Middlebury played extremely well, too!

Shots 12:8  Saves 2:7

F: Emily N + Bri,  Courtney
OM: Jenn+Mila, Ginny+Katherine, Laura
CM: Molly+Julia, Natalie+Laura, Christine, Hannah
OD: Blythe+Liz, Annie O+Christine
CD: Ally+Annie, Hannah+Tessa
G: Chelsea Estevez

5 Molly to Emily N --> 1:0
6 Emily shot saved, corner
8,9 D corner
10 Middlebury shot saved
11 Middlebury free kick over from 30m
17 Emily shot saved
23,25 Middlebury shot wide
26 D corner
27 Middlebury corner from Tessa clearance
32 Middlebury shot hit the post
37 Julia shot saved
40,41 Emily shot wide
45 Annie S clearance, Middlebury corner
48 Middlebury shot saved
49 Molly shot saved
50 Middlebury corner off Blythe clearance
53 Bri to Julia --> 2:0
54 Annie S clearance, Middlebury corner
62 Emily shot saved
63 Courtney shot saved
64,65 D corners
65 Laura shot saved
78 Middlebury shot wide
84 Middlebury shot off the cross-bar
90 Julia shot over