Saturday, September 29, 2012

UVM 29sep2012

The rain subsided just in time for us to welcome UVM, one of the best teams we have played in the past.  Great family attendance included Liz's dad and grandfather, Courtney's family, Hannah N's dad, Caroline's dad, Christine's mom and Julia's parents!

The advice was to be quick with our passes since we expected UVM to put high pressure on us.  We did that well, and we switched the field often, as we had practiced last week.  We had more possession that UVM did, and a majority of the play was in their half of the field.  

In the first half we made 6 shots to their two.  Hannah N only had to make one save, but Tessa and Kate made two critical tackles to keep UVM from scoring.  

At half-time we talked about getting off more shots and switching the attack more often.  UVM came out energized and got lucky with a shot that spun off the upright to put them ahead 1:0.  

Around the hour mark, Natalie's high pressure on them got the ball back so she could send it to Julia for a shot that glanced back out for Molly to power into the net for the equalizer --> 1:1!  Both teams had spells of possession -- they got off 8 shots to our 7.  It seemed like a game that would end in a draw, but during injury time they got in behind us for their winning goal.

It was good to play UVM since they are a really solid team -- now we can look forward to playing them again next weekend when they return!

GK: Hannah N
CD: Collin+Tessa, Hannah W+Annie
OD: Blythe+Liz, Annie O+Kate
CM: Molly+Julia, Kristin+Christine
OM: Jenn+Mila, Katherine+Sophie, Amanda W
F: Shelby+Natalie, Courtney+Caroline, Allison+Lindsay

Shots 13:10  Saves 7:9

2 Julia shot saved
4 Molly shot saved
5 UVM corner
   D corner
11 Jenn cross to Natalie over for a corner
15 Tessa made critical tackle on UVM breakaway
20 Collin shot saved
21 Mila shot saved
22 UVM shot wide
26 UVM shot saved
30,36 D corner
40 Lindsay shot wide
     Kate made critical tackle in the box
46 UVM shot off the upright --> 0:1
50 Shelby shot saved
55 Natalie shot wide
     D corner
56 UVM shot saved
59 Natalie fed Julia, Molly got rebound --> 1:1
62 UVM shot saved
67 Courtney shot saved
68 UVM shot saved
70 UVM shot saved
71 Molly shot saved --> corner
75 Molly shot saved --> corner
78 Kate shot saved
80 UVM shot saved
82 UVM corner -- shot saved
91 UVM got in behind our defense --> 1:2

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Keene and St Anselm 15Sep2012

Windy, mostly sunny, 15+C/60'sF at Keene for our first games!  Blessed by new players, we learned a lot in our first two games!

We played 35-minute halves since there were three teams playing each other "round-robin" (who put the robin in that term?).  We knew both teams from previous seasons but hadn't played them for a few years.  

My advice was to possess the ball in order to preserve our energy for two games -- to make the easy passes.  Keene had lots of energy in the first half, but we learned from each other how to connect more and more passes as the game progressed, and we created more scoring opportunities.  

Our powerful and deep bench made it easy to remain fresh, and new players Amanda Flugstad-Clarke, Allison Steele and Lindsay Keare scored in the 2nd half, adding to Jenn and Molly's two-goals-each!

G: Hannah N
CD: Collin+Molly, Tessa+Hannah W
OD: Blythe+Liz, Annie O+Kate
CM: Shelby+Julia, Amanda F-C+Kristin
OM: Jenn+Ginny, Amanda W+Katherine+Allison
F: Courtney+Natalie, Caroline+Lindsay

v Keene at 11:30am

Shots 22:0  Saves 0:4

2 D corner
3 Jenn shot over
4 Courtney header, Jenn rebound --> 1:0
5 Molly's shot hit the cross-bar!
10 Molly ripped a shot into the net --> 2:0
16 Shelby shot over
23,24 D corner
27 Allison's shot saved --> D corner
     Caroline's shot saved
33 Allison's shot over
35 Kristin's shot over
39 Molly's shot wide
41 Jenn's shot wide
45 D corner
46 Jenn's shot hit the side netting! --> 3:0
47 Natalie's shot saved
     Courtney's shot saved --> D corner
48 D corner, Shelby's shot over
57 Jenn's pass to Molly --> 4:0
63 Kristin's shot wide
64 Kristin's shot deflected
66 Amanda FC's left-footed shot rocketed into the right side of the net --> 5:0
67 Annie O to Allison for a header into the upper left corner --> 6:0
67 Amanda F-C to Lindsay --> 7:0

v St Anselm at 1pm

Before our 2nd game we spoke about being quicker to pass, and that we did exactly that.  St Anselm put a lot of pressure on us, but we were quicker to ball than they and connected more of our passes, giving us more possession.

During the 140 minutes of playing we improved our passing and switched the ball more as we played.  Our passing got quicker, and our movement off the all improved.  This is a team of fast-learners!

Molly's family was there to see her hat-trick of goals! Hannah N's dad and the Cima's came, too.  Ron Cima took more great photo's for us, including our team photo -- thank you, Ron!

Shots 16:1  Saves 1:5

6 Shelby's shot wide
8 Molly to Jenn to Natalie -- should have been a goal but hand-ball was called 
   Jenn's PK went over
13 Shelby's shot over
15 Julia's shot over for a corner --> Katherine's shot over
16 D corner
18 Natalie demonstrated power-shot technique --> 1:0
20 Hannah dove to her left to smother an oncoming ball before St Anselm could threaten
21 Molly's shot was another rocket --> 2:0
26 Amanda W's shot saved
34 Caroline's shot deflected and was headed to goal but saved
36 D corner
     Molly's shot saved
39 Natalie's shot saved
45 Molly hit another rocket from far out --> 3:0
46 D corner
52 Lindsay's perfect pass to Molly --> 4:0
55 Katherine's shot saved
65 Caroline's shot hit the post