Sunday, September 22, 2013

at UVM 21Sep2013

It was ok that Keene dropped out so that we could focus on UVM and not be tired by playing two games. It was mostly sunny but surprisingly windy! 

We had more than enough time to warm up, and both teams seemed primed and ready to go. We had our incredible new players of the class of 2017, and UVM had almost all of their roster of 30!

We dominated the possession with a high percentage of completed passes -- we looked like Barcelona or ManU many times! Our new flat-back four organization worked incredibly well, thanks to Tessa and Lindsay, Caroline V and Julia.

We beat UVM to most 50/50 balls -- we heard their coach say "they're beating you to every ball!" We peppered their keeper with 12 shots to their 5, and 7 of our shots required saves. New players Melanie, Sarah and veterans Julia, Molly, Mila, Caroline G and Natalie all had successful shots on their goal!

We deserved the win with our possession and shots on goal, but credit to UVM for working hard and giving us great competition! Our new players were remarkable for melding so well with our style of play, for helping to provide strong defense and for creating scoring opportunities. We left hoping to play UVM again soon!

GK: Hannah
CD: Tessa+Lindsay, Caroline V, Julia
OD: Annie+Liz, Mari+Amanda W
CM: Molly+Julia, Shelby+Kristin
OM: Katherine+Mila, Sarah+Sophie
F: Natalie+Allison, Caroline G+Melanie

Shots 12:5  Saves 1:7

5 Julia shot wide
   Molly shot blocked
8 Molly shot saved
11 Mila shot saved
12 Julia shot over
    Julia shot wide
16 Dartmouth corner
20 UVM shot wide
21 Lindsay shot saved
24 UVM corner
36 Caroline G shot saved
45 Melanie shot saved
46 UVM shot saved
47 UVM shot wide
52 UVM shot wide
54 Dartmouth corner
63 Molly free kick blocked
72 UVM corner
83 Sarah shot saved for a corner
84 Molly shot saved
85 UVM shot wide
87 UVM corner
88 Sarah shot wide

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