Sunday, September 25, 2016

UMass A 25Sep2016

Starting with crisp temperatures, brilliant sun warmed up our immaculate pitch to 15C/60F soon after we arrived for our match with UMass A -- so named because now they have two teams (we play the other "B" team next). We always try to play them later in the season when we are more prepared, but it wasn't to be. They are well-organized and physically strong, so we always look forward to playing them.

Sorority Rush meant that we needed to play as early as possible (noon), but we were grateful that the '19's were able to play almost the whole game before they left us. We offered to play 35-minute halves, but UMass A insisted on 40's. 

I forgot to suggest that we make quick passes before the game! We got schooled not to hold the ball so much in the first 17 minutes -- UMass got off the first shots, with Laura making a big save in the 10th minute and almost preventing their first goal in the 11th minute. Only a minute later they scored again, with a shot slotted into the right side of our goal. Five minutes later they rolled the ball in the right side of our net.

We learned quickly that they were beating us to many of 50/50 ball opportunities, putting quick pressure on us. We regained our composure and in the 33rd minute Maria had a solid shot saved. Jenna earned us a corner in the 40th minute. 

We spoke at half-time about being quicker to release the ball, completing more of our passes and moving together as a unit -- everyone attacking and everyone defending. 

Callie cleared a UMass shot off the line in the 43rd minute, and UMass had a shot wide and another shot saved by Laura right after that. She again almost was able to save a UMass shot into the wide right side of our net in the 49th minute. In the 55th minute Laura made another great save for a corner.

Sarah Latulipe got off a shot that went wide in the 60th minute, then over the next almost 20 minutes the shots were all UMass -- 3 saved by Laura, one wide and one over the bar. 

Jenna got us on the scoresheet in the 80th (last) minute with a glorious highly-arched floater from the right side of the field to the upper left corner of the UMass net. Her goal gave all of us a greatly needed psychological lift against a team we knew was good but didn't know they were *that* good!

It was wonderful to see Christyn's and Caroline's families there -- a great day to be outdoors!

Shots 3:15  Saves 6:1

F: Christyn+Haley, Nat+Namya
CM: Caroline+Lindsey, Maria+Elise
OM: Sarah L+Lizzie, Sarah A+Jenna, Meredith
CD: Mari+Christina, Izzy
OD: Izzy+Katie, Morgan+Callie
G: Laura

UMass shot over
10 UMass shot saved
11 UMass shot hit Laura's fingertips --> 0:1
12 UMass shot slotted into the right side of our net --> 0:2
17 UMass breakaway, ball rolled into the far right side --> 0:3
33 Maria shot saved
40 Jenna earned us a corner
43 Callie cleared a shot off the line
45 UMass shot wide
48 UMass shot saved
49 UMass shot off Laura's fingertips into far right side --> 0:4
55 UMass shot saved for a corner
60 Sarah L shot wide
65 UMass shot saved
70 UMass shot saved
75 UMass shot over
77 UMass shot saved
78 UMass shot wide
80 Jenna lofted ball into upper left corner --> 1:4

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