Saturday, April 22, 2017

Brandeis Tournament 22apr2017

High 30sF and cloudy when we left Hanover became 40sF with drizzle in Waltham when we arrived around 10:40am. We always look forward to playing here because the competition is high-quality and the turf playing surface reliable no matter what weather we face.

We were greeted warmly by Lizzie's family and Izzy's folks, who both brought amazing treats!

Without GK Laura, we were rescued by the immense generosity of Sarah A, Mel and Maria! 

G: Sarah A, Mel, Maria

CD: Mari+Christina
OD: Julia+Katie, Izzy+Mel
CM: Sarah L+Caroline+Namya, Elise+Maria
OM: Mel+Lizzie, Meredith+Jenna
F: Rose, Haley

v Bentley

Bentley looked very sprightly and had five shots in the 35-minute game. Sarah came up big for us in goal, saving two hard on-target shots and almost preserving our shut-out. But Bentley was rewarded with some luck in the very last minute after Sarah saved their first shot but they scrambled for the rebound to score the only goal.

Shots 0:5 Saves 2:0

2 Bentley shot wide

10 Bentley corner
11 Bentley shot saved by Sarah for a corner
13 Bentley corner
18 Dartmouth free kick
19 Bentley shot over
31 Bentley free kick wide
33 Bentley corner
34 Bentley first shot saved but got rebound --> 0:1

v Emmanuel

After an early Dartmouth corner, Emmanuel got off their first shot on a free kick that went wide in the 8th minute. Haley, Elise and Namya all made good shots on target but neither team could score. 

Shots 3:2  Saves 0:3

2 Dartmouth corner
8 Emmanuel free kick wide
10 Haley shot saved
12 Dartmouth free kick
14 Elise free kick saved
19 Emmanuel shot wide
21 Namya shot blocked for a corner
29 Dartmouth corner
34 Emmanuel free kick

v Brandeis

Our hosts are always very strong and difficult to beat, and their high quality showed immediately when they put a ball out wide right to their winger who got in behind for their first goal in the 3rd minute.

Sarah came up big again, with three saves in the first ten minutes! After one of Sarah's brilliant saves, the Brandeis left winger made a cross for a tap-in at the 13th minute. 

We had many sequences of effective give-and-go passes that showed our quality against a great team, and Lizzie got off a good shot that was saved in the 23rd minute.

After another one of Sarah's saves in the 25th minute, Brandeis beat us soundly for their last two goals in the 28th and 29th minutes. 

It was good for us to play such a strong team and to see that we had periods of great passing and could often match their strength. And the treats that Izzy and Lizzie's parents brought were a wonderful touch for us!

Shots 1:9  Saves 4:1

3 Brandeis right wing  got in behind us --> 0:1

6 Brandeis shot saved by Sarah A
   Brandeis shot hit cross-bar
   Brandeis shot saved by Sarah A
10 Brandeis shot saved by Sarah A
13 Brandeis cross from left wing for tap in --> 0:2
20 Brandeis corner
21 Dartmouth corner
23 Lizzie shot saved
25 Brandeis shot saved by Sarah A
28 Brandeis shot from right to left netting --> 0:3
29 Brandeis one v one --> 0:4 

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