Sunday, November 8, 2009

at UVM 8Nov09

Glorious sunny 60˚'s F weather for November! You came out solidly, connecting most of your passes, but UVM's high pressure made it hard for you to organize. When UVM got the ball they were quick to go forward and got off a half-dozen threatening shots, but all five in the first half were wide.

Late in the first half you got more organized in their third, and in the second half you were very energized and dangerous. In the 58th minute when they got a lucky break-away, Dani made an amazingly cat-like one-handed save to keep you in the game.

You kept working very hard, and it felt to me that you deserved to win, but I was worried that time would run out! Finally in the 86th minute, in heavy traffic, Courtney flicked the ball to Maggie who found Felds for the only goal of the game. What a great celebration you had! It was so great that you persevered!

F: Maggie+Emily N (Ally'13+Courtney)
OM: Jenn+Nicci (Ginny+Laura)
CM: Sarah+Felds (Bets+Collin)
OD: Annie+Kemp (Blythe+Kathleen)
CD: Elle+Jess (Collin)
G: Abbe (Dani)

Shots 16:6 Saves 1:7
3 D corner, Emily N shot blocked
4 Jenn shot saved
8 UVM shot wide
12 Maggie shot wide
15 UVM shot wide
26 UVM corner
29 Blythe shot saved
31 UVM free kick wide
36 UVM shot wide
37 UVM corner, shot wide
46 UVM free kick
47 D free kick
48 Emily N shot wide
50 D free kick saved
51 D corner
52 D corner
56 Maggie shot saved
58 Dani HUGE save on UVM break-away
59 Maggie shot saved
68 Larua shot wide
71 D corner, Bets shot saved
73 D corner, Felds shot over
75 Felds shot over
83 Felds shot over
86 Courtney to Maggie to Felds --> 1:0
89 Bets shot over

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