Sunday, November 1, 2009

at Harvard 31Oct09

The pressure was on you from the start, with the other Dartmouth soccer teams having just lost and this Harvard team pressing quickly. The new narrow turf field made play very congested, but your patience paid off, and your possession and percent passes connected both increased over the 90 minutes. They were pushy but that didn't bother you enough for you to respond negatively.

Your goals were memorable for their style/technique and beautiful build up! Learning that their keeper was good with ground shots, Maggie's shot from distance on a pass from Emily N late in the first half was perfectly aimed just over the keeper's hands. At half-time we spoke about more communication, quicker passes to feet, and taking more shots from distance. Early in the second half Emily N's beautifully planned header from Sarah's chipped pass just arched over the keeper's hands. Then soon after that Maggie set up Jenn for her powerful and low shot wide that gave their keeper no chance.

The wonderfully large fan base all complimented your skill, speed and cool organization. A prospective '14 from Dartmouth, MA, loved seeing you play and was very impressed, and you made for PROUD team alumnae: Kelly Hackett '09, Kim Rocio '08 and Jenny Fisher '08!!

F: Emily N+Maggie (Courtney+Ally13)
OM: Jenn+Ginny (Mere+ Laura)
CM: Sarah+Ally12 (Palmer+Bets)
OD: Annie+Kemp (Blythe, Kathleen, Marjorie)
CD: Jess (Annie, Marjorie)
G: Abbe (Dani)

Shots 25:6 Saves 5:11
6 Sarah shot over
7 D corner, Sarah shot over
10 Jenn shot saved
11 Elle shot over
16 Maggie shot wide
19 Emily N shot saved
24 D corner
25 H free kick saved
28 Palmer shot saved
29 Collin shot saved
30 Ally13 shot saved
31 Bets shot saved for a corner
32 Palmer shot saved
36 Ally13 shot saved
41 EmilyN to Maggie --> 1:0
42 Jenn shot over
46 Ally12 shot blocked
46 Jenn shot wide
47 Jenn shot saved
50 Sarah to EmilyN header --> 2:0
52 Maggie to Jenn --> 3:0
59 EmilyN header saved
70 Bets shot blocked, corner
70 Bets shot wide
73 H shot saved
74 Ally13 shot over
79 H shot saved
79 Ally13 shot saved
80 Courtney shot wide
80 H shot saved
86 D corner
87 H shot saved
87 H shot wide

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