Saturday, November 6, 2010

at Harvard 6Nov2010

Always an adventure to visit, Harvard did not disappoint! Seasonal temperatures, completely cloudy and a little breeze combined with a late starting time of 4pm to make this perfect playing weather but difficult for awaiting players and speactators -- of which we had MANY, thanks to admiring families! Eight families! Parents not only brought amazing photographic equipment but treats and drinks as well! Alumnae came too -- Maura Cass and Emily Baumrin!

You demonstrated crisp, connected passing, keeping a lot of possession with most of the play in their half, but Harvard played a scrappy high-pressure game that sparked a lucky shot just over Abbe's fingertips to start the scoring in the 12th minute. During the rest of the half Courtney, Mila and Elle had 4 shots while Harvard had one, which Abbe saved.

At half-time we spoke about getting control of the game and playing the good-diagonal-passing game that we have worked on in practice -- spreading out wide and stretching them out. You made some great comments about not always having to go forward with the ball and communicating better -- not playing the frenetic style of your opponents.

It worked! One minute into the second half, your passes led to Casey's shot that Harvard's keeper blocked but only as far as Emily Niehaus, who instantly put the ball in the net. Jenn got a shot off that was saved, and Katherine hit her shot so solidly that Harvard's keeper could not hold onto it; the resulting corner that found Courtney's head went wide.

Around the hour mark, Harvard sprung a ball in behind our defense for a one-on-one with Abbe, resulting in a shot that was slotted into the side of our goal. A couple minutes later Mila rocketed a shot that their keeper could not contain; Bri was there to capitalize, but her attempt sailed over the net. Betsy had a couple of good opportunities that both went wide. Meanwhile, Harvard had no chances and the play was all in Harvard's half.

In the 78th minute, Marjorie made a brilliantly technical half-volley chip over their defenders to spring Mila into a breakaway. After a 15m sprint, she calmly and handily put the ball into their net. Three minutes before time, Casey's cross presented a clear threat that Harvard's keeper was able to bat away. But Marjorie reached the rebound and carefully placed it into the their net for the game-winner.

For you to come back twice after being down a goal and then come together to press for the win was proof that you were clearly the better team. It takes a lot of determination to do that!

Shots 16:3 Saves 1:5

F: Emily N+Jenn, Courtney+Bri, Ally
CM: Molly+Emily B, Sarah R+Betsy, Hannah+Marjorie
OM: Casey+Laura, Mila+Katherine
CD: Elle+Collin
OD: Annie+Liz K, Blythe+Liz N
GK: Abbe

8+9 D corner
11 Emily B shot wide
12 Harvard lofted shot middle of the goal --> 0:1
21 Courtney shot wide
24 Harvard shot, Abbe save
25 Mila shot wide
43 Elle shot wide
46 Casey shot stopped but Emily N got the rebound --> 1:1
53 Jenn shot saved
56 D corner
59 Katherine shot saved for a corner --> Courtney's header wide
62 Harvard broke loose on the left side for one-on-one with our GK -->1:2
65 Mila shot stopped but Bri hit the rebound over
68+69 Betsy shots wide
78 Marjorie half-volley over Harvard's defense for Mila breakaway --> 2:2
87 Casey's cross fisted out by H's GK but Marjorie blasted the rebound --> 3:2

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