Saturday, November 13, 2010

University of Vermont 13Nov2010

Our second game today, UVM said they eagerly anticipated playing you again after your wins over them last fall and spring. They played Northeastern just beforehand, so perhaps you were a little more rested than they, but they were psyched because they had just beaten Northeastern 2:1 after losing to them earlier this fall.

You made sharp passes and looked very comfortable, having most of the possession and moving the ball well across and up the field. Mila, Jenn, Emily Baer and Molly all got shots off before Molly's pass to Jenn set up the game's only goal. Jenn rocketed it into the net in the 12th minute.

In the 15th minute, UVM's keeper saved a shot from Emily Niehaus but couldn't hold onto it. The corner almost resulted in a second goal, but Ginny's shot was over the cross-bar.

In the 34th minute, Courtney made two great shots that were saved. There were two corner kicks in a row, and Collin's blasted shot was saved. Most of the game was in their third, but Abbe came up with a huge save two minutes from time.

By the final whistle, it was past sunset into twilight and the temperature was dropping quickly. Many players pulled on their cozy LLBean fleeces financed so kindly by parents! And everyone got to celebrate a FANTASTIC season with cookies from Abbe's family and candy and key tags from Emily Baer's mom!

F: Jenn + Emily N, Courtney + Bri
OM: Mila + Ginny, Ally '13 + Katherine
CM: Molly + Emily B, Sarah R + Betsy; Felds + Hannah
OD: Blythe + Liz K, Annie + Liz N
CD: Elle + Collin
GK: Abbe

Shots 11:2 Saves 1:5

5 Mila shot wide
6 Jenn shot wide
7 Emily N shot saved
8 Molly shot wide
12 Molly pass to Jenn --> 1:0
14 UVM corner --> Abbe caught
15 Emily shot saved but out for a corner
15 Ginny shot over
22 Jenn shot wide
34 Courtney shot saved
40 Courtney shot saved but out for a corner
40 D corner, rebound out to Collin
40 Collin shot saved
43 UVM shot, Abbe save
45 UVM shot wide

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