Sunday, October 9, 2011

at Middlebury 8Oct2011

Under clear blue skies and 20+C/70+F, we played on Middlebury's varsity field for the first time!  We were psyched to see so many family members there -- Emily and Liz's dad Chris, Courtney's family and Mila's relatives from Burlington.

Our starting eleven wasted no time on advice to be quicker and to keep the ball.  We kept the ball in Middlebury's third well, and in only the 5th minute Molly furnished Emily with an easy tap-in goal.

After a substitution-en-masse, our disorganization allowed Middlebury several scoring chances.  We changed our substitutions to be fewer at a time -- for the remainder of the half Middlebury had only one shot -- it hit the post.

At half-time we spoke again about quick, easy more-diagonal passes and attacking and defending as a unit.  We noted that Middlebury often was sending long balls over our defense.  

In the second half, Middlebury stepped up their energy and had three shots -- one that Chelsea (our amazing backup GK) saved, one wide and one that hit the cross-bar.  We defended well and had better possession with 5 shots.  Bri set up Julia's goal in the 53rd minute.

Middlebury's coach praised our team, and we were pleased to play well enough to get such a positive result -- especially since Middlebury played extremely well, too!

Shots 12:8  Saves 2:7

F: Emily N + Bri,  Courtney
OM: Jenn+Mila, Ginny+Katherine, Laura
CM: Molly+Julia, Natalie+Laura, Christine, Hannah
OD: Blythe+Liz, Annie O+Christine
CD: Ally+Annie, Hannah+Tessa
G: Chelsea Estevez

5 Molly to Emily N --> 1:0
6 Emily shot saved, corner
8,9 D corner
10 Middlebury shot saved
11 Middlebury free kick over from 30m
17 Emily shot saved
23,25 Middlebury shot wide
26 D corner
27 Middlebury corner from Tessa clearance
32 Middlebury shot hit the post
37 Julia shot saved
40,41 Emily shot wide
45 Annie S clearance, Middlebury corner
48 Middlebury shot saved
49 Molly shot saved
50 Middlebury corner off Blythe clearance
53 Bri to Julia --> 2:0
54 Annie S clearance, Middlebury corner
62 Emily shot saved
63 Courtney shot saved
64,65 D corners
65 Laura shot saved
78 Middlebury shot wide
84 Middlebury shot off the cross-bar
90 Julia shot over

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