Saturday, October 15, 2011

Williams 15Oct2011

Blustery 14C/57F with a mix of sunshine and a little rain, the great number of family supporters and friends made it a great day to play!

Both sides pressed hard and looked frantic and disorganized at first, but in the 13th minute Mila slotted a perfect ground pass from the right side across the front of the goal for Emily to deposit into the back of the net.

Hannah saved us from a Williams breakaway, coming out bravely with just the right timing.  Shelby took a shot from long range that almost dropped into the net over their keeper, and Jenn's strong and accurate shot at close range from the right side was saved. 

In the second half, we had more success connecting passes.  Mila's perfect diagonal pass provided Emily with an excellent opportunity; although Emily's shot was prevented, Bri was there to put the loose ball into the net.

Later Christine made a perfect diagonal pass from the middle to the right side into a space that Natalie could run to; her shot was saved.

It was impressive that -- even though we were winning -- so many players discussed ideas for how to improve our tactics and that so many players asked for feedback.  It appeared from the sidelines that we can benefit from having more passing options so we can keep the ball and move altogether as a group -- not get stretched out down the field.

F: Emily N + Bri,  Courtney+Caroline
OM: Jenn+Mila, Ginny+Katherine, Laura+Natalie
CM: Molly+Julia, Natalie+Laura, Christine+Shelby
OD: Blythe+Liz, Annie O+Christine
CD: Ally+Annie, Shelby+Tessa, Molly
G: Hannah

Shots 7:5  Saves 3:3

8 Williams shot saved
13 Mila cross to Emily N --> 1:0
18 Williams shot wide
21 Bri shot wide
24 Hannah came out for a save
24 Williams shot wide
33 Dartmouth corner
34 Shelby shot over
38 Williams shot saved
39 Jenn shot saved
51 Dartmouth corner
54 Mila to Emily whose shot was saved, Bri got rebound --> 2:0
58 Williams shot wide
75 Williams corner
76 Natalie shot saved

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