Sunday, November 13, 2011

BC 13Nov2011

Northeastern said BC was the best team they had seen, and they looked strong and tall when we saw them on the field for warm-up.  The sun came out and it felt warm!  Julia found us a goalkeeper!  Rachel Funk!

Just before going on the field we soaked in the moment and spoke about how excited we were to play.  BC looked lively, but both teams had plenty of energy and possession.  It looked pretty even in terms of shots.  

In the 27th minute, Natalie made a great cross that Molly rocketed into the upper right corner of the goal.  Late in the half BC's height got the best of us just after Blyth's (what I thought was clean because she got the ball) tackle was whistled for a BC free kick.  1:1

Jenn put a shot over the bar late in the half, then Mila's shot in the 45th minute was solid but easy for BC's skilled goalkeeper to save.  Natalie also got off a shot before the whistle.  

At half-time we spoke about how well we were passing and how we got the ball wide to create good chances.  

We almost got a goal when Julia broke free for a one-on-one with the BC goalkeeper, but her shot was saved.  Rachel made an incredible save in the 50th minute.  A little later, Jenn was all alone in front of the BC goal and put a cross on frame that was saved by the BC GK.  Shelby soonafter put a solid shot on frame that was saved.  

BC took advantage of what might have been our exhaustion from playing two games in two days as they broke through our defense for their second goal in the 67th minute.  Both teams had good chances after that, and Ally almost tied the score in the 78th minute with a great give-an-go breakaway through the BC defense.

Everyone was happy to have played so well against a great team!  Our passing was crisp, our runs were well timed, great diagonal passes and crosses led to great chances for us.  There were many times when we linked half-a-dozen wall passes together!  It was the jogo bonito -- beautiful game!  

The game could have gone either way. We're already looking forward to playing BC in the spring and certainly next fall! 

F: Julia + Bri, Courtney+Natalie
OM: Jenn+Mila, Ginny+Katherine, Laura
CM: Molly+Shelby, Laura+Christine, Emily B
OD: Blythe+Liz, Tessa+Christine
CD: Ally+Annie S, Julia
G: Rachel Funk

Shots 13:11  Saves 4:5

3 BC weak shot saved
4 Julia shot saved
5 BC header saved
8 Jenn shot wide
10 Molly shot wide
17 BC shot saved
20 Rachel prevented BC header
27 Natalie cross to Molly upper right rocket --> 1:0
28 Courtney shot wide
40 BC header --> 1:1
42 Liz prevented a shot, BC corner
44 Jenn shot over
45 Mila shot saved
45 Natalie shot over
47 Julia shot saved
50 BC shot sick save by Rachel
50 BC corner
51 Jenn shot saved
62 Shelby shot saved
65 BC corner, shot over
67 BC got behind our defense --> 1:2
68 BC shot wide, corner, BC shot wide
69 BC corner, header over
75 BC corner
78 Ally breakaway, shot wide
79 Molly shot wide
83 BC free kick wide

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