Sunday, April 22, 2012

at Harvard 14Apr2012

Mostly sunny and 15+C/60'sF, we played on a big new (to us) turf field.  Alumnae made the day memorable!  Lizzy Hennessey-Severson '09 in goal joined by Liz Kemp '11, who just happened to be on a 6-mile jog, and Sarah Rocio '10.  Also great that Jennifer Williams "JWilly" rejoined us!

Harvard was a bit beastly in their physical play.  They seemed to learn how to pass from us, because they improved in the 2nd half!  

Jenn's goal was a model of precision. They did not deserve the corner that gave them a goal -- Lizzy said the ball did not go completely out.  Oh well.

F: Bri+Courtney, JWilly
OM: Jenn+Natalie, Katherine+Sarah Rocio!
CM: Molly+Julia
OD: Blythe+Collin, Liz Kemp!
CD: Ally+Annie S
GK: Lizzy '09!

Shots 7:4  Saves 1:5

2 Dartmouth corner
5 Molly free kick saved
9 Harvard shot over
15 Molly shot saved
45 Lizzy saved header off Harvard corner
46 Jenn!  --> 1:0
48 Harvard header on dubious corner --> 1:1 
60 JWilly free kick saved
62 Jenn shot saved
68 JWilly shot wide
75 H corner, header over
80 JWilly shot saved
88 H shot over

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