Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brandeis tournament 22Apr2012

Rainy, 10C/50F! Four 30-minute games in 4 hours!  We had a late start after Ginny woke up Courtney -- we had about 10 minutes to warm up. We were delighted that Rachel Funk was available to play in goal and that Kristin Lam could join us.

University of New England was spunky and gave us a good run, but neither team created many chances.  UNE sent a shot wide in the 20th minute. 0:0

Azzurri, a high-quality club team composed of former college players, showed their skill and moved the ball really well, but we were up to their quality!  

3 D corner, shot saved
4 Azzurri shot wide
5 Azzurri --> 0:1
6 D shot saved
10 Jenn shot --> 1:1
12 Azzurri --> 1:2
16 Courtney got the rebound! --> 2:2
18 Jenn! --> 3:2

Emmanuel was energetic but not as skilled as the other teams.

3 Julia earned a free kick taken perfectly by Jenn --> 1:0
4 Jenn shot wide
5 Jenn shot over

Brandeis was physical and energetic.  Rain and wind were pretty fierce. They scored on a dubious free kick.  We were almost undefeated!  Their coach complimented our team after the game, saying how impressed she was with us!

Great to see so many parents!  Ally's, Christine's, Courtney's!

F: Ginny+Courtney, Caroline+Julia, Natalie
OM: Jenn+Natalie, Ginny, Shelby 
CM: Shelby+Julia, Christine+Kristin Lam
OD: Tessa+Collin, Annie O+Christine, Kristin
CD: Ally+Annie S, Collin
GK: Rachel Funk

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