Sunday, October 14, 2012

at Williams 13Oct2012

Blue sky, pretty leaves, a nice drive southwest past Bromley, Manchester and Bennington VT into northwest Massachusetts, we found perfectly renovated fields damaged by Irene a year ago.  

We remembered they were a good team last year, so we talked about being quick and making the easy passes. Their varsity teams played nearby, so there was a little bit of a carnival atmosphere!

Williams was feisty and put a lot of pressure on us. Mila and Jenn had the first shots, but a Williams shot on a breakaway in the 8th for an almost certain goal went wide.  In the 10th minute, Hannah N smothered another almost-certain Williams goal. Soon after, we made several really good, short passes to get close to goal but shot wide. Later, Tessa made a crucial tackle to prevent Williams from a scoring opportunity.  The game seemed pretty even, but we were concerned that Williams was getting in behind our defense so often!

At the break, after thanking Hannah N for amazing goalkeeping, we spoke about being more aggressive. We created many scoring chances, and after the hour mark Jenn's two shots (deflected) found Courtney, who pounded the ball into the net for the first goal. Soon after that, Hannah N came out to grab the ball off the foot of a Williams attacker who got in behind our defense -- very gutsy!! Then Amanda W got the result of Courtney's cross to make it 2:0.

In the 87th minute, Hannah N made another huge, crucial save from another Williams breakaway and then scooped up a rolling shot.  After Amanda W made another shot (that was saved) and the scoreboard said the game was over, Williams got one last breakaway.  We might have thought the game was over, but the goal was probably counted to present Williams with some reward for a game well played. 

We were happy to have played so well in the second half, but we all thanked HANNAH N who kept us ahead!  Great that her dad could be there to see it!  And Julia's parents, maybe others, too!! 

G: Hannah N
OD: Blythe+Liz, Annie O+Christine
CD: Molly+Collin, Julia+Tessa
OM: Jenn+Mila, AmandaW+Katherine
F: Allison+Natalie, Courtney+Ginny, Sophie+Lindsay

Shots 14:8 Saves 6:5

3 Mila shot over
5 Jenn shot wide
6 Mila's cross out for a corner
7 another corner, taken by Mila
8 Williams breakaway shot wide
10 Hannah N came out to smother a Williams shot
12 Jenn shot over
15 Williams corner
19 Molly shot saved
22 Shelby run to the end line, cross out for a corner
24 Williams corner
25 Ginny shot wide
26 Tessa blocked a shot for a Williams corner
40 Williams shot saved
48 Jenn shot saved for a corner
58 Williams shot wide
63 Jenn shot wide
65 Jenn 2 shots on target, Courtney rebound --> 1:0
69 Molly shot wide
71 Hannah N snatched the ball off the Williams player's foot!
72 Courtney's cross deflected, Amanda W rebound --> 2:0
80 Molly shot wide
87 Williams shot on breakaway saved for a corner
88 Williams rolling 'shot' saved
89 Williams free kick over
90 Amanda W shot saved
91 Williams breakaway --> 2:1

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