Saturday, October 6, 2012

UVM 6Oct2012

Rainy but warm, we wanted to prove to UVM that we were able to beat them, and we wanted a chance at Regionals!  We talked about playing as we did vs Middlebury during the week -- quick, give-and-go passes with switching the point of attack. With rain on its way, we expected the ball would skip a lot.

Both teams were very energetic at the start, but we created more chances. In the 13th minute, UVM took an optimistic shot from over 30m out that lofted into the upper left corner of our goal. It was a shock for us, but we kept working hard. It rained hard for long spells.

At the break we spoke about believing in ourselves, our skill, our teamwork.  We knew we were the better team -- not as physical but more capable at stringing passes together and creating chances.

Immediately after that Natalie or Julia or Allison must have had a shot that deflected back out because Shelby shot a rebound into their net for the equalizer.  The team seemed buoyed by that and kept the ball in the UVM third for extended periods.  Soon, we created another great chance with a free kick that Molly almost scored on. 

We took more than twice as many shots as UVM, and more on target.  At the hour mark, Jenn delivered a perfect corner to the far post for Mila to nail into the net for the game-winner. Hannah N made two big saves to preserve our win, and Molly almost got us 3rd goal in the 87th minute.

It was a muted celebration for us, knowing that we wanted one more goal to beat UVM's slightly better goal-differential in the league standings.  But, as Jenn said, "hey -- we beat them!"  We can take great pride that we controlled our play even when they were more physical and wanted desperately to beat us!

It was so great to see so many fans who braved the bad weather!  The Cima's and adorable dog Ellie, Collin's parents, Shelby's dad, Courtney's family, Mila's parents, probably others!

Shots 15:7 Saves 2:4

3 Molly cross to Jenn shot wide
4 UVM hit the upright
8 Molly shot over
9 Julia shot saved
10 Natalie shot saved
13 UVM lofted ball 30+m out, top left corner --> 0:1
14 Julia shot wide
20 Molly corner
32 UVM shot wide
40 UVM corner
46 Natalie, Allison or Julia shot bounced off UVM defenders
46 Shelby rebound --> 1:1
51 Molly free kick over
55 Amanda FC shot saved
57 D corner
58 Natalie shot saved
60 UVM free kick wide
62 Jenn's corner kick to Mila --> 2:1
72 UVM shot wide
75 Molly free kick wide
80 UVM breakaway big save by Hannah N
80 UVM corner
87 Molly shot wide
87 Molly shot saved for a corner
90 UVM shot saved by Hannah N

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