Sunday, April 7, 2013

at Harvard 6Apr2013

Blue sky, nice 50F/10C weather with a great fan base -- Courtney's folks, Hannah's family, Lindsay's grandparents, maybe others!

We spoke about making the easy passes and keeping as much possession as possible. As the game progressed we improved our passing performance and used more-threatening diagonal passes.

Harvard wanted to play 40-minute halves -- probably good since this was our first game this spring. They played a kick-and-run game that we were smart not to copy! 

Neither team had long spells of possession, but we out-shot them 10:4 and 8 of our shots were on target! Lindsay's grandfather noted we were the better team! Credit Harvard's keeper (and OUR Hannah!!) for a scoreless draw. 

GK: Hannah N
OD: Blythe+Kate, Annie O
CD: Collin+Tessa, Julia
OM: Jenn+Mila, Amanda W+Katherine
CM: Julia+Liz, Allison+Lindsay
F: Courtney+Ginny, Caroline+Natalie

Shots 10:4   Saves 2:8
5 D corner
8 Mila shot saved
11 D corner, Liz shot saved
12 Courtney shot saved
16 Harvard shot saved --> corner, Harvard shot over
19 H corner
36 Jenn shot wide
45,49 Julia shot saved
54 Harvard shot saved --> corner
60 D corner
62 Collin shot saved
63 Harvard shot wide
71 Lindsay shot saved
73 Natalie shot wide
78 Natalie shot saved

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