Saturday, April 20, 2013

Brandeis Tournament 20Apr2013

We expected the tournament to be postponed because of the lock-down after the Boston Marathon bombing. But once the suspects were found, we were back on! 

The day was glorious! Sunny, 60F/15C. 

A HUGE group of fans came! Hannah's dad and sisters (and amazing goodies!), Julia's folks and grandmother, Molly's parents and aunt, Kate's mom, Caroline's mom (who brought salads for everyone!), Courtney's folks and sister, Christine's mom, Lindsay's grandparents.

We arrived a little later than expected and our host wanted us to start ahead of time since Bentley had sent their players home and could not attend. So we were not quite warmed-up but were happy to be outdoors playing!

Babson had already played a game, so they were prepared! We had some trouble with their crosses from the sides, and in the 18th minute Babson got lucky to beat us in a breakaway. 

Emmanuel was more tame -- we out-shot them 4:1 and their GK made all four saves! It was great that all of our shots were on target!

Azzurri, the club team of former varsity players, showed their passing talent, and that seemed to convince us to play our best soccer ever! We out-shot them and were rewarded by Courtney's goal in the 12th minute. Both GK'ers were excellent, making five saves each!

Brandeis, the proud host, usually finds us easy to beat, but we were strengthened by our good passing and put up a good fight! They showed their high quality on one out-swinging corner kick that they headed into our net. We worked hard and had the ball in their half the majority of the time after that but couldn't equalize. 

GK: Hannah N

OD: Blythe+Kate, Annie O
CD: Collin+Tessa, Julia, Lindsay
OM: Jenn+Mila, Amanda W+Sophie
CM: Julia+Molly, Kristin+Christine, Molly+Kristin, Julia+Allison
F: Courtney+Natalie, Caroline+Allison, Caroline+Lindsay

v Babson 0:1

Shots 2:2   Saves 1:0

4 Babson shot saved
15 Mila shot wide
18 Babson on breakaway --> 0:1
20 Babson corner
23 Amanda shot saved

v Emmanuel 0:0

Shots 4:1   Saves 0:4

2 Emmanuel shot wide
3 Dartmouth corner
5 Dartmouth corner
7 Molly shot saved
13 Dartmouth corner
14 Kristin shot saved
15 Molly shot saved
16 Blythe shot saved

v Azzurri 1:0

Shots 7:4   Saves 5:5

2 Jenn shot wide
5 Azzurri shot saved, hit the post
6 Julia shot saved
7 Julia shot wide
8 Allison shot saved
11 Julia shot saved
12 Courtney scored! --> 1:0
14 Dartmouth corner
16 Azzurri shot saved
20 Azzurri shot saved for a corner
21 Azzurri shot saved
26 Sophie shot saved

v Brandeis 0:1

Shots 0:3   Saves 0:0 (?)

3 Brandeis corner
6 Brandeis corner, scored on a header --> 1:0
16 Brandeis shot wide
18 Brandeis shot wide

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