Saturday, November 9, 2013

Northeastern 9Nov2013

Last fall game! Boo hoo!

Variably cloudy, 45F/7C -- not snowing, as it was the night before! 

Many fans! Extended Sheeline family, Ron+Rita+Ellie Cima, Kate's mom Lisa Shanahan, others?

We spoke about how Northeastern in the past had been quick to the ball and very physical, so we should be quick to pass the ball in order not to lose it.

Northeastern immediately put pressure on us, and their foul gave Katherine a free kick in the first minute. Northeastern tended to make long passes to send their forwards in behind us.

In the sixth minute, Northeastern got a free kick when we were deemed to have fouled them. Their 40+m lofted ball bounced in front of Hannah, and she backed up to keep it out of our goal. But the official judged that the ball had gone over the line, giving Northeastern a very lucky and unexpected goal.

Katherine and Mila both got free kicks from Northeastern fouls just before Sophie, Nat and Sarah had four shots that were saved.

In the 21st minute, just after we made our substitutions, Julia passed the ball to Melanie -- playing on the left side of the field -- so that she could run at the goal. Her shot beat the Northeastern keeper handily to tie up the game 1:1.

Melanie, Allison and Shelby had more chances in the 20 minutes before half time, while Northeastern had four shots -- two of them on target.

At the half, we spoke about staying calm, playing to feet rather than making long lofted passes that are difficult to connect, and passing more quickly to avoid the high pressure Northeastern was applying.

In the 58th minute, Natalie sent the ball wide to the right to set up Katherine (very similarly to how she scored a goal against Middlebury). Her shot almost hit the upper left 90 but sailed wide instead.

Northeastern had a chance that went wide, and Mila had a breakaway around the hour mark, but her shot wide just wide of the left post.

At around the 64th minute, there was a clash of bodies and a Northeastern player went down, crying out in agony from pain in her left thigh. We called an ambulance and were fortunate to have Dr Sheeline there for advice. After what seemed like a long wait Northeastern suggested that we suspend playing since everyone was cold (and probably defocused). We agreed and sent the officials home.

It was a great game, except for what might have been a leg fracture, and we were happy to play increasingly well as the game progressed. We knew Northeastern was a strong team -- they lost by only 0:2 to the University of Pittsburgh in the Regionals quarterfinal -- so we were pleased to look good compared to them!

Ron Cima took photos again! He even got a few shots of the seniors. We will miss his artistry so much when Katherine graduates!

Great season! UNDEFEATED in league games, in non-league games, in Regional group games and in post-season games!

GK: Hannah, Julia D
CD: Kristin+Caroline V, Lindsay
OD: Mari+Liz, Kate, Amanda W
CM: Julia+Shelby
OM: Sarah+Mila, Melanie+Katherine
F: Nat+Sophie, Allison+Summer

Shots 11:7  Saves 3:8

1 Katherine free kick
6 Northeastern 40+m free kick bounced, made Hannah back up into our goal --> 0:1
7 Northeaster corner
11 Katherine free kick
13 Mila free kick
14 Sophie shot saved
     Nat shot saved
     Sarah shot saved
     Sophie shot saved
19 Northeastern corner
21 Julia's pass to Melanie --> 1:1
22 Melanie blocked a Northeastern shot for a corner
     Northeastern's corner caught by Hannah
24 Melanie shot saved
28 Northeastern free kick
29 Allison breakaway, shot wide
30 Allison shot saved for a corner
31 Northeastern shot wide
34 Northeastern shot saved
34 Northeastern shot wide
37 Shelby shot saved
40 Mila shot saved
44 Northeastern shot wide
45 Northeastern shot saved
51 Northeastern corner
58 Natalie to Katherine shot just over
59 Northeastern shot wide
60 Katherine corner
62 Mila shot over
     Northeastern player suffered an upper leg injury, game suspended at Northeastern's suggestion

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