Sunday, April 6, 2014

at Harvard 6Apr2014

First game outdoors since November! Beautiful sunny day ~15C/60F but windy.

Many fans! Allison Steele, Melanie's dad from California, Shelby's dad, Lindsay's grandparents, Molly's mom, Liz's sister Emily on bike! It looked like there were more fans, too.

We spoke about keeping the ball on the floor in light of the wind, and playing our game rather than how they play. Harvard pressured us intensely, and neither team could link very many passes. 

Thankfully, we calmed down and got passes connected! The first goal, 22minutes in, came from a series of passes from Kristin to Lindsay to Sarah who crossed the ball to Julia. Only seven minutes later, Sarah's corner kick found Kristin, who scored on a wonderfully skillful half-volley.

Harvard kept pressing, and got a gift of a goal when their crossed spinning ball found the back of our net. Only one of their shots was on target after that.

Sarah almost scored in the 51st minute, when she magically set up her own breakaway by manipulating the ball around their last defender. Her shot was only slightly wide of the right post!

Harvard kept attacking, but we defended well and maintained the win. Credit to them for keeping at it so long! We were delighted with our fitness, our cohesion and our win! The fans were impressed!

GK: Julia D
CD: Kristin+Tessa
OD: Mari+Liz
CM: Molly+Julia, Shelby, Sarah
OM: Katherine+Melanie, Sarah, Caroline
F: Natalie+Shelby, Lindsay, Sarah

Shots  Saves

18 Harvard shot wide
22 Kristin to Lindsay to Sarah to Julia --> 1:0
29 Sarah's corner to Kristin half-volley --> 2:0
34 Harvard cross spinning, hard to handle --> 2:1
40 Harvard shot over
44 Harvard shot saved
48 Harvard shot wide
51 Sarah breakaway shot wide
53 Harvard corner
59 Harvard shot over
61 Harvard corner
67 Harvard corner
70 Harvard corner
80 Harvard shot wide

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