Saturday, October 4, 2014

at UVM 4Oct2014

Setting out for UVM on a very rainy day with only 3 subs seemed crazy. UVM is usually our strongest competitor. The driving was even intense because of the rain -- perhaps an omen about how intense UVM would be. 

The turf field we usually play on at UVM was allocated to a different team, so we were instructed via email to find Centennial Field. Tessa did well as navigator -- even with some circular driving we still had an hour to get ready and warm up.

The UVM coach, whose son, Deejae Johnson, coached my son at Green Mtn Valley School, told me that the field had seen a lot of use by his team, the boy's club team and some local club teams. It was pretty cut up and bumpy.

After keep-away, stretching, shooting on Hannah and some passing drills, we were ready. We spoke about making the easy passes to feet in order to try to keep possession under pressure. The rain was fairly light and the temperature around 15C/60F, but both teams had agreed on 40-minute halves due to expected heavier rain later.

Neither team could keep the ball very long because of the immense pressure both teams put on each other. The field condition and weather also contributed to making the ball do crazy things.

UVM created more chances than we did, but we had HANNAH in goal! They out-shot us 9:5 in the first half, but a few minutes after Christine and Claire both took free kicks, Christyn set up Claire for the first goal, in the 21st minute.

Christyn and Claire both had chances later, and we had a succession of good passes as we seemed more confident after our goal. We looked fit and able to withstand their pressure even with very little subbing. UVM seemed frustrated by being down a goal and were getting more physical in their play. One UVM forward who seemed to put a great deal of pressure on herself committed a foul that gave her a yellow card -- unusual for us to see. She was very upset by being unable to score! Credit to our defense and Hannah!!

At half-time we spoke about being quicker to pass in order to avoid having our legs kicked! 

After a few shots by UVM, Annie got a free kick, Claire had a corner kick, and Caroline V and Allison got shots off before Christyn made one of her trademark dribbles down the left side of the pitch, changing speed and finally cutting the ball back to make a perfect cross to meet Claire's run down the middle for a tap-in goal in the 57th minute. 

After that, UVM peppered our goal over and over. Hannah saved us over an over! Elise got a shot off, but mostly we were defending and trying to keep the ball. UVM seemed to get more energy as the game went on! But we continued to defend well and finished with a clean sheet.

Sophie and Mila Sheeline were with us at the sidelines! Sadly they were in town for a grandparent's funeral, but it was wonderful to see them and their mom. 

Elise's parents from CA were there, too! It was impressive to have fans for an away game in such poor weather!

GK: Hannah
CD: Lindsay+Tessa, Caroline V
OD: Annie+Christine, Julia C
CM: Julia S+Caroline V, Claire
OM: Christyn+Elise, Natalie
F: Allison+Claire, Rose

Shots 9:17  Saves 10:1

1 UVM shot wide
5 Christine corner
10 UVM corner
10 UVM shot over
11 UVM shot saved
14 Christine free kick
18 Claire free kick
20 UVM shot saved
21 Christyn set up Claire --> 1:0
26 UVM free kick saved
27 Claire shot wide
29 UVM shot saved
30 UVM shot saved
33 Claire shot wide
34 Christyn shot blocked
38 UVM shot over
39 UVM shot saved
40 Claire shot wide

41 UVM shot wide
42 UVM shot saved, UVM corner
43 UVM shot wide
44 Annie free kick
46 Claire corner
48 Caroline V shot wide
51 UVM shot wide
54 Allison shot over
57 Christyn dribble + cross to Claire --> 2:0
59 UVM corner
60 UVM corner
61 UVM corner, shot saved
66 Elise shot wide
70 UVM shot saved
73 UVM shot saved
73 UVM corner
73 UVM shot wide

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