Saturday, October 18, 2014

Northeastern 18Oct2014

Number 3 in the Region 1 Power Rankings, we expected Northeastern to be strong, physical and motivated to see this as their warm-up for Regionals next weekend. Although they stand 3rd in New England East and we are first in New England West, we have had great difficulty beating them in the past.

The rain stopped! It was a nice 65F/18C or so. We LOVED seeing so many fans! Allison's mother, Mel's parents, Lindsay's mother, brother and grandfather, Christine's mother, Christyn's whole family including Courtney, Claire's grandmother Lillian, Sophie's sister Mila Sheeline, Liz Niehaus, Molly Grimes, Natalie Salmanowitz, Katherine Cima, Jenn O'Donnell, spring indoor player and US Ski Team skier Nolan Kasper, and even a bunch of Alpha Phi's supporting Lindsay!

We spoke about being quick with good passes to feet rather than launching long passes. The field was still wet from rain, so we expected the ball to skip and be fast on bounces. We expected Northeastern to put us under a lot of pressure.

They did, and Hannah saved Northeastern's shot in the first minute!

In the 6th minute, Claire's shot was saved. Our passing was GOOD, and we looked like we would be able to score first, but Northeastern got a rebound from their corner in the 15th minute for their first goal.

Leah got off a shot in the 19th minute, and Christine had a free kick saved four minutes later. Claire had a breakaway in the 27th minute, but the Northeastern goalkeeper grabbed it.

Northeastern scored again in the 38th minute with a shot in front of our goal.

At half-time we spoke about making good passes to feet rather than launching hopeful long air passes and to build passes through the mid-field rather than sending long balls out of the back line. Julia S said, rightly, that we could come from behind, just as we did at UMass the previous Saturday.

Amanda W almost got a result from Christine's corner in the 46th minute. Hannah saved us again in the 48th minute. Julia S got off a shot in the 55th minute.

After Northeastern got a yellow card for an infraction in the 58th minute, they slotted a low shot into the left side of our goal from about 18 yards. Immediately after that Hannah saved another of their shots.

Claire's shot was saved in the 47th minute, and right after that another shot she made was blocked for a corner. Caroline V made a shot on target from a long distance, but it was saved. 

Claire got another breakaway in the 79th minute, but the Northeastern keeper saved her shot again! A minute later she took the corner, and Caroline V got her head on the ball but it sailed over the crossbar. 

After a Northeastern free kick Hannah saved and a shot Northeastern sent wide, Claire got off another shot that was saved in the 88th minute. Northeastern made another shot wide before Elise made a shot over the crossbar.

With so many great scoring chances, we didn't deserve a 0:3 result, but that paled in importance to the huge benefit of seeing so many family and alumnae! We were happy to have a chance to play a really good team and to see so many friends again!

G: Hannah
CD: Lindsay+Tessa, Amanda FC, Julia S
OD: Annie+Christine, Julia C, Natalie, Rose
CM: Julia S+Shelby, Caroline V+Elise
OM: Christyn+Sophie, Leah+Caroline G, Julia D, Natalie, Mel, Summer
F: Claire+Allison, Rose, Summer, Amanda W, Mel

Shots 13:14  Saves 4:8

1 Northeastern shot saved
4 Dartmouth corner
6 Claire shot saved
Northeastern shot wide
9 Claire corner
13 Northeastern shot wide
15 Northeastern corner, put rebound in --> 0:1
19 Leah shot over
23 Christine free kick saved
25 Northeastern shot wide
27 Claire breakaway shot saved
38 Northeastern shot almost saved --> 0:2
44 Northeastern shot wide
46 Christine corner, Amanda W shot wide
48 Northeastern shot saved
55 Julia S shot wide
58 Northeastern yellow card, Dartmouth free kick
61 Northeastern low, driven shot from 18 yards --> 0:3
62 Northeastern shot saved
67 Claire shot saved
68 Claire shot blocked for a corner
73 Caroline V long shot saved
76 Northeastern shot over
79 Claire breakaway shot saved
80 Claire corner, Caroline V header over
83 Northeastern free kick saved
86 Northeastern shot wide
88 Claire shot saved
89 Northeastern shot wide
90 Elise shot over

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