Sunday, April 12, 2015

at Harvard 12apr2015

After a long very snowy winter everyone was eager to run outdoors! Blue sky, 60+F and windy, we spoke about passing quickly because Harvard is usually feisty and keeping the ball on the ground (wind).

So many fans! Sarah (still in rehab for her ACL repair) and her friend Annie. Molly! Lindsay's grandparents, Christyn's parents, Hannah's family complete with VW bus! And a very welcome addition in Caroline Vanacore!

Harvard insisted on 40-minute halves. We came out strong with crisp passes and quick to 50/50 balls. Julia got off a shot right away, and Shelby almost scored in the 10th minute. Harvard had a couple shots that Hannah saved, and we had three corner kicks in the span of only 6 minutes. 

Caroline Gellman (Gell) had a great shot saved in the 34th minute, and there was no score at half-time. At the break, I congratulated the team on their passing and energy getting to the ball quickly. Claire suggested more diagonal passes in the final third, and Julia recommended more shooting.

After only five minutes, Sophie fed Claire a great pass, and Claire was able to beat the Harvard keeper even at a very acute angle. Claire had planned to come off due to an injury from an over-zealous Harvard tackle in the first half, so her goal was her last play, unfortunately. 

Hannah saved two more shots, and Harvard had two shots off-target before they got away with being offsides for a through pass to even the score four minutes before full time.

It was a good game with both sides having chances to score. Our passing looked better than theirs, but their energy served them well in the end.

F: Claire+Allison, Rose+Summer
CM: Julia+Shelby, Ro (Caroline)
OM: Christyn+Sophie, Gell+Julia C
CD: Lindsay+Tessa
OD: Annie+Kate, Mari
G: Hannah

Shots 5:6  Saves 3:2

5 Julia S shot wide
8 Harvard shot saved
10 Shelby shot saved
11 Harvard shot saved
13 Harvard corner
18 Dartmouth corner
23 Dartmouth corner
24 Dartmouth corner
24 Julia S shot over
34 Gell shot saved
41 Dartmouth corner
45 Claire from Sophie 1:0
52 Harvard corner
58 Dartmouth corner
62 Harvard shot saved
63 Harvard corner, shot over
73 Harvard shot wide
76 Harvard offsides goal 1:1
77 Harvard corner

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