Saturday, April 18, 2015

Brandeis Tournament 18apr2015

Clear skies, warm 60+F and a great fan base greeted us in Waltham, MA! Lindsay's grandparents Doug and Ginger (with a generous gift to the team -- thank you!), Lindsay's aunt and uncle, Julia's parents, Hannah's family with lunch provided to the whole team by her dad Joe, Christyn's folks with more lunch goodies!

Four half-hour games go by so quickly!

We spoke about making good passes, and we looked sharp versus Emmanuel! Shelby, Julia S and Claire got off shots before Claire converted in the 12th minute. Claire got off another shot right after that, and Nat had a chance in the 15th minute. Emmanuel only got off only three shots, but they put one into our net in the 22nd minute. 

Azzurri, a club team of former college players, always shows their skill and experience, so we were happy to see shots by Claire, Rose, Shelby and Julia before Azzurri could get off a shot in the 14 minute -- thankfully they were offsides and were not awarded a goal. Christine got her shot saved, and Hannah saved an Azzurri shot at the end of the game.

Bentley looked much improved from last year. They got off the first two shots before Claire's free kick and Rose's shot in the 5 minute. Hannah saved one of Bentley's shots before they scored in the lower left corner of our net in the 7th minute. Claire had another of her shots saved in the 10th minute, and Hannah made a huge save at her left upright in the 19th minute. Bentley fired a rocket of a shot into the upper right corner of our net in the 21st minute. Still working hard, after Caroline G's shot and Julia S's shot were saved, Christine put the ball into their net.

We usually play Brandeis last, but this time it was newcomer Babson, who looked strong and sharp with their passes. Claire and Julia S had shots saved, and Hannah saved a Babson shot early in the game. A questionable call gave Babson a free kick, that Hannah got her fingers on, but an aggressive Babson player stole the ball away to put it into our net in the 11th minute. Claire and Julia S had three more shots, and Babson had a shot over our crossbar before Elise made a huge save by blocking a Babson shot for a corner in the 22nd minute. Babson converted a penalty kick 4 minutes before time was up.

We felt humbled by playing varsity teams, but we did well to be competitive with these teams -- creating many chances and getting off good shots in every game!

G: Hannah
CD: Tessa+Lindsay, Elise
OD: Mari+Annie, Kate, Elise
CM: Shelby+Julia, Christine
OM: Christyn+Julia C, Nat+Caroline G
F: Claire+Rose, Summer+Caroline G

Emmanuel 1:1

Shots 6:3  Saves 1:3

2 Shelby shot wide
7 Dartmouth corner
8 Julia S shot saved
10 Emmanuel shot saved
11 Claire shot saved
12 Claire scored 1:0
14 Claire shot saved for a corner
15 Dartmouth corner, Nat shot over
22 Emmanuel shot to upper left corner 1:1
23 Emmanuel shot wide
24 Dartmouth corner

Azzurri 0:0

Shots 6:2  Saves 1:5

2 Claire shot saved
2 Rose shot saved
2 Shelby shot saved
12 Julia shot saved
14 Azzurri shot in our net disallowed for offsides
18 Azzurri corner
22 Christine shot saved
23 Azzurri corner
24 Azzurri corner, shot saved

Bentley 1:2

Shots 6:8 Saves 2:3

2 Bentley shot wide
4 Bentley shot over
5 Claire free kick
5 Rose shot wide
7 Bentley shot saved
7 Bentley shot left corner 0:1
9 Bentley corner
10 Claire shot saved
11 Bentley corner
14 Dartmouth corner
15 Dartmouth corner
18 Bentley shot over
19 Bentley shot saved at the upright
20 Bentley shot wide
21 Bentley shot upper right 0:2
23 Caroline Gell shot saved
23 Julia S shot saved
23 Christine scored 1:2

Babson 0:2

Shots 5:6  Saves 2:3

3 Claire shot saved
4 Babson shot saved
8 Dartmouth corner
9 Julia S shot saved
11 Babson free kick 0:1
13 Claire shot wide
14 Julia S shot over
15 Claire shot saved
16 Dartmouth corner
17 Babson corner
21 Babson shot over
22 Elise blocked a shot for a Babson corner
22 Babson shot wide
26 Babson penalty kick 0:2

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