Saturday, October 24, 2009

UVM 24Oct09

Pounding rain and immense UVM pressure didn't deter you!
Puddles made the ball VERY unpredictable, but you stayed organized, connected most of your passes, and hustled the whole time. Your % shots on target was very high!

F: EmilyN+Ginny (Laura+Ally13)
OM: Jenn+Nicci (Mere+Bets)
CM: Sarah+Ally12 (Felds+Palmer)
OD: Annie, Kemp (Blythe)
CD: Jess, Collin (Elle)
G: Abbe (Dani)

Shots 8+:4+ Saves 4+:7+
3 EmilyN shot saved
7 Jenn to Sarah --> 1:0
8 Nicci shot saved --> corner
11 EmilyN shot saved
12 UVM shot saved
20 UVM shot saved
22 Bets shot saved
24 UVM shot saved
30 Emily N shot saved
40 minute halves; too rainy for more notes!
40+ Bets shot saved
40+ Felds shot wide
40+ UVM shot saved

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