Saturday, September 24, 2011

at Williams 24Sep2011

After a 2.5 hour trip through flood-ravaged southern Vermont, Williams hosted our game on their turf field since their grass fields were damaged by hurricane Irene.  

Both teams worked hard to get the ball, and there was very little shooting because neither team could hold the ball very long.

Williams looked a lot stronger than they have for several years, and the quick bouncy turf surface created challenges for controlling the ball.  

In the first half we tried mostly to go straight up the field with our passes, but after our half-time discussion we did better at keeping the ball, switching the attack, making diagonal passes on the ground.  We even made passes back in order to maintain better possession.

It was beginning to look like a 0:0 draw, but Jenn's tenacity near the Williams box earned a free kick in the last minute of play.  She sent the ball to Molly, whose shot rattled the upright.  Caroline hustled to hit the rebound into the back of the net!  The Williams coach couldn't believe it.  

We improved the most as the game progressed, so it could be argued that we most deserved the WIN!  The new players were amazing, too, with Caroline '15 scoring the goal!

F: Emily+Courtney, Julia, Caroline

CM: Molly+Emily Baer, Shelby+Natalie
WM: Jenn+Mila, Ginny+Catherine
CD: Ally+Annie S, Hannah
OD: Blythe+Liz, Christine+Annie O
G: Dani

Shots 6:3   Saves 1:2

28 Williams shot over the bar from free kick
39 Molly's shot saved
58 Emily N's shot saved
62 Williams shot from a free kick saved by Dani
67 Williams shot wide
78 Caroline and Ginny shots blocked
89 Williams shot over
90 Jenn to Molly whose shot hit the upright, Caroline got the rebound --> 1:0

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