Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Middlebury 28Sep2011

A beautiful day in the 20's C/70's F at Sachem.  We spoke about being quicker and more diagonal with passes and dribbles.  

Middlebury came out fiesty and caught us with one early mistake, putting away the first goal.  We had the most shots and were rewarded by a free kick after a tackle on Caroline in her burst into Middlebury's penalty box.  Molly blasted a shot into the upper left corner, beating their GK.

At half-time we talked about being quicker and better organized in the back.  We reminded ourselves to send passes on a diagonal.  The team suggested subbing every 10 minutes rather than every 15 minutes.

In the second half we improved on our possession and ability to get into their third of the field.  We had six or seven good scoring opportunities while Middlebury was not able to produce any that I noted.  We got much better width and kept the ball in their third most of the time.

Shots 12:3  Saves 1:4

F: Emily N+Julia, Caroline+Courtney

OM: Bri+Mila, Ginny+Jenn, Katherine
CM: Shelby+Laura, Natalie+Molly
OD: Liz N+Christine, Blythe+Annie O
CD: Ally+Annie
G: Dani

4 Julia shot wide
5 Middlebury break away --> 0:1
6 Christine corner
9 Julia shot wide
20 Jenn shot saved
24 Emily N shot saved
30 Caroline won us a free kick, converted by Molly --> 1:1
32 Middlebury shot wide
39 Middlebury shot saved by Dani's dive right
39 Middlebury corner
45 Molly shot wide
50 Emily N shot saved
55 Julia shot wide
56 Dartmouth corner
56 Emily shot over
58 Jenn shot wide
61 Liz N shot saved
73 Caroline shot wide
85 Dartmouth corner over the net

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