Sunday, September 21, 2014

at Yale 21sep2014

After a short break following the game with Fairfield, we faced our hosts Yale. We played them in the spring of 2010 and narrowly won 2:1, so we expected them to play well. We reiterated making good passes.

Yale was more skillful than Fairfield and equally scrappy. They made good diagonal passes and were quick to ball. 

Shelby, Mel, Julia and Claire all got off shots in the first half before Christyn finally dribbled through what seemed like a jungle of Yale players to score our first goal in the 33rd minute. Yale had a lot of chances with many corner kicks, and Hannah was much busier in goal, making several key saves.

In the second half Mel, Claire, Elise, Leah and Amanda W all had shots before Julia Conway's rebound found Christyn's foot for our second goal in the 59th minute. Yale created chances, too, and Hannah saved us again.

We were delighted to have such a good game in warm, humid weather. Hannah's dad helped us celebrate by treating the team to ice cream afterward!

Shots 13:6  Saves 3:4

G: Hannah
CD: FC+Tessa, Lindsay, Julia S
OD: Annie+Christine, Julia C+Elise
CM: Julia S+Shelby, Caroline+Claire
OM: Sarah+Sophie, Lean+Amanda W, Natalie
F: Mel+Summer, Allison+Caroline G, Rose+Christy

2 Shelby shot wide
4 Yale corner (2)
4 Yale shot saved
9 Mel shot saved
10 Julia shot wide
11 Yale corner, Yale shot wide
14 Yale corner, shot over
23 Claire shot wide
26 Allison corner
33 Christyn dribbled through a jungle --> 1:0
2nd half:
36 Yale shot saved
37 Mel shot over
42 Yale header wide
50 Yale shot saved
53 Claire shot saved for a corner
55 Elise corner, shot blocked
57 Leah shot over
58 Amanda W shot wide
59 Julia C shot saved, Christyn got rebound --> 2:0
64 Claire shot saved

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