Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fairfield at Yale 21sep2014

We had a 3-hour drive through some light rain showers, arriving around 11:20 for our game at noon. It felt warm and humid -- 20C/70F or so.

There were so many fans!! Hannah's dad, Amanda FC's folks, Julia's and Julia C's parents (who brought wonderful drinks), Natalie and Caroline Gellman's folks (who brought sandwiches!), Caroline V's family, Christine's dad all the way from CA, Annie's folks, Shelby's dad, Christyn's parents, maybe others! The treats they all brought were WONDERFUL!

After beating Fairfield 7:0 last year in our first game, we expected an easy win. But Yale's score vs Fairfield before we arrived today was a close 2:1. So we knew we'd have to work hard. We spoke about making good passes and keeping possession of the ball.

Yale told us the halves would be 35 minutes since we had two back-to-back games today.

Fairfield was feisty! They were quick to ball and quick to tackle and kick our legs! They got off the first shot, but after that we dominated with 29 shots to their three.

Shelby, Mel, Summer, Amanda W, Allison, Claire, Caroline G, Caroline V and Rose all got off shots in the first half. Fairfield had two in the first half, neither on target. 

At half-time we spoke about making better passes. Julia had too early shots, and Mel capitalized on Julia's second, putting the rebound into the Fairfield net in the 40th minute. Sophie and Allison had shots over, then Caroline Gellman put in shot for our second goal in the 48th minute. 

Following shots by Caroline V and Amanda W, Fairfield hit a shot off the upright, and Elise made a powerful clearance to prevent another shot. After Claire's corner to Allison, whose header went wide, Claire set up Allison again for our third goal in the 59th minute. 

After that, Caroline V, Claire, Christyn, Rose and Leah all had chances.

We were psyched for our second win of the season!

Shots 29:3  Saves 0:8

G: Hannah

CD: FC+Tessa, Lindsay, Julia S
OD: Annie+Christine, Julia C+Elise
CM: Julia S+Shelby, Caroline+Claire
OM: Sarah+Sophie, Lean+Amanda W, Natalie
F: Mel+Summer, Allison+Caroline G, Rose+Christyn

3 Fairfield shot wide

4 Shelby shot saved
6 Mel shot over
7 Summer shot wide
9 Summer shot wide
14 Dartmouth corner
15 Amanda W shot saved
16 Allison shot saved
18 Sarah corner (2)
19 Claire shot saved
24 Claire shot saved, Caroline G rebound wide
26 Fairfield shot wide
31 Claire shot over
32 Claire shot wide
34 Rose shot over
2nd half:
38 Julia shot saved
40 Julia shot, Mel rebound --> 1:0
45 Sophie shot over
46 Allison shot over
48 Caroline G --> 2:0
54 Caroline V shot saved
55 Amanda W shot wide
56 Fairfield shot hit the post, Elise cleared the ball
57 Claire corner, Allison header wide
59 Claire set up Allison --> 3:0
61 Claire corner, Caroline V shot wide
63 Caroline V shot over
64 Claire shot hit the post
64 Claire corner
66 Claire corner, Christyn shot over
67 Rose shot saved
69 Rose corner, Leah shot saved

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