Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wesleyan 13sep2014

Cloudy, cool 45-50F/8-10C -- our first game! Always a little nervous excitement and concern over only two subs, but we had a nice long warm-up and felt ready for a team we hadn't seen before.

Fans came! Hannah's dad, Summer's mom, Caroline's mom, Steve's wife Martha Hennessey '76, daughter Kj Hennessy '02, son-in-law Greg Hill '02 and granddaughters Louisa '34? and Georgia '37?

We were composed and had a majority of possession, but in the 17th minute Wesleyan sped past our defense for the first goal. In the 20th minute, Christine's free kick found Julia for our equalizer.

Then two minutes later Julia set up Shelby for our second goal. Summer and Julia both hit the cross-bar, and Julia D had a shot saved before Julia set up Allison in the 36th minute for our third goal.

Caroline, playing in left defense, brought the ball into the middle of the field and shot from something like 25 yards for our 4th goal, and just before the half Mel got the rebound from Allison's shot for our 5th goal.

At half-time we spoke about how the diagonal passes and movement are working well, and we agreed not to score more than 6 goals.

We continued with good passing and good possession, but credit Wesleyan for not giving up -- they kept attacking and had a majority of the shots in the second half. 

Sarah scored our sixth goal in the 58th minute. We were happy to play well with so little practice. Some of the fans remarked that they could tell that our players had played together often since they played so well with each other.

Shots 20:9  Saves 7:5

G: Hannah
CD: Christine+Tessa
OD: Lindsay+Caroline
CM: Julia+Shelby
OM: Sarah+Sophie
F: Sarah+Summer, Julia D+Allison

3 Shelby shot wide
4 Sarah shot over
5 Sophie shot over
10 Christine shot saved
12 Dartmouth corner
13 Dartmouth corner (2)
15 Wesleyan corner
17 Wesleyan sped past our defense --> 0:1
18 Shelby shot over
20 Christine free kick to Julia --> 1:1
21 Caroline shot saved
23 Allison shot over
25 Summer's header hit the cross-bar!
26 Julia's shot hit the cross-bar, Sarah's shot wide
29 Julia D's shot saved for a corner
    Christine's corner to Julia header over
35 Julia shot saved
36 Julia to Allison --> 3:1
38 Dartmouth corner -- Christine
40 Caroline dribble and shot from outside! --> 4:1
43 Allison shot wide
    Allison shot blocked, Melanie got rebound --> 5:1
48 Tessa tackle prevented a shot, Wesleyan corner
53 Wesleyan shot saved
55 Wesleyan shot saved
    Wesleyan shot saved
57 Julia shot saved
58 Sarah upper 90 6:1
60 Wesleyan shot saved
61 Wesleyan shot saved
62 Wesleyan corner
73 Wesleyan shot saved
90 Wesleyan shot wide
93 Wesleyan shot saved

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