Saturday, September 19, 2015

WPI 19sep2015

Our first game! Nine new players! Double-header with WPI and UMass, playing 30-minute halves.

Sunny and warm with fans from far away! Rose's dad from Utah, Allison's mom from Colorado and her aunt, Hannah's family and adorable puppy Gus!

WPI is a new team this year, so we didn't know quite what to expect.

We wasted no time scoring goals! Rose's shot in the 3rd minute was saved but Sophie put in the rebound, and -- after Christyn's first shot went over -- Mari set up Christyn's goal in the 6th minute.

After WPI had a free kick and a corner, we had two corner kicks, followed by two  shots by WPI saved by Hannah. Mel's shot in the 19th minute went wide but her goal in the 26th minute hit the upper right corner sweetly!

Only two minutes later Haley got on the score sheet!

At half time we spoke about making more diagonal passes and runs. Rose got us a goal in only 3 minutes! Then Allison from Caroline a minute later! Caroline almost scored right after that.

Maria, who just transferred to Dartmouth from Georgetown, scored twice in the span of about a minute, bringing us to 8 goals!

Julia D saved a shot from WPI in the last minute of play.

F: Allison+Rose, Mel+Haley
CM: Christyn+Caroline, Lindsey+Liz
OM: Sophie+Julia C, Natalie, Maria+Lizzie
CD: Lindsay+Kate, Laura+Izzy
OD: Mari+Elise, Christina+Callie
G: Hannah, Julia D

Shots 12:3  Saves 3:1

3  Rose shot punched out, Sophie put away the rebound --> 1:0
4 Christyn shot over
6 WPI free kick, corner
9 Dartmouth corner
10 Dartmouth corner
12 WPI shot saved by Hannah
16 WPI free kick saved by Hannah
17 WPI corner caught by Hannah
19 Mel shot wide
25 WPI free kick
26 Mel shot into upper right --> 2:0
28 Haley --> 3:0
33 Rose --> 5:0
34 Allison from Caroline --> 6:0
37 Dartmouth corner
38 Dartmouth free kick, Allison shot wide
39 Caroline shot wide
43 WPI corner
50 WPI free kick
51 Maria --> 7:0
52 Maria --> 8:0

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