Saturday, September 19, 2015

UMass 19sep2015

After a quick break for a bite to eat, we were back at Sachem for our 2nd game, with UMass, who are always competitive and were looking for redemption after losing to us last fall.

UMass came out very energetically, pressuring us quickly and showing a great deal of confidence in their play. It was difficult for either side to keep much possession. 

The first recorded shot came in the 11th minute when Hannah saved their shot. Later, Maria earned us a free kick.

Hannah saved another shot in the 26th minute. In the last minute of the half after UMass pushed Liz Hyde to the ground and the players all thought there would be a whistle for a free kick, UMass put the ball into the upper left corner of our net even though Hannah was able to get a hand on it.

At half-time we spoke about getting the ball moving more quickly in order to combat the high UMass pressure.

After UMass put a shot over early in the 2nd half, Rose got off a good shot that was saved. A UMass player kicked our new goalkeeper Laura in the shin, so she needed to step off the field for ice treatment. UMass chipped the ball over Hannah for their second goal in the 43rd minute.

Christyn got a shot off in the 46th minute, and Hannah saved a shot in the 57th minute. A minute later they scored by sneaking the ball into our net from the far  post. 

UMass perpetuated their reputation as a tough, scrappy, physical team whose energy served them well in the last segment of the game. Usually we try to play them later in the season when we are a little more organized and used to playing with each other! We will look forward to playing them again!!

F: Allison+Rose, Mel+Haley
CM: Christyn+Caroline, Lindsey+Liz
OM: Sophie+Julia C, Maria+Julia D,
CD: Lindsay+Kate, Izzy
OD: Mari+Elise, Christina+Callie
G: Hannah, Laura

Shots 2:8  Saves 3:1

11 UMass shot saved by Hannah
12 UMass corner
19 Maria earned a free kick taken by Mel
26 UMass shot saved by Hannah, UMass shot over
30 UMass shot after taking down Liz Hyde --> 0:1
31 UMass shot over
34 Dartmouth corner
35 Rose shot saved
41 Dartmouth corner
43 UMass chipped the ball over Hannah
46 Christyn shot over
57 UMass shot saved by Hannah
58 UMass cross to far post --> 0:3

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