Sunday, September 27, 2015

at Yale 27sep2015

After a 10-minute break, we played Yale on their bumpy long grass. The parent scouting report was that Yale was quicker than Fairfield, so we spoke about keeping a high passing tempo.

After Sophie's shot over the bar, Yale got in behind us for a breakaway that parents though was offsides, but with only one ref it is very difficult to see offsides. Hannah did her best to come out and be as big as possible, but Yale slotted the shot in for their first goal. 

After Christyn's shot was saved and a couple Dartmouth corner kicks, Lindsey got off a shot on target that was saved in the 19th minute. Immediately after that, Lindsey rattled the upright with another shot and Haley was in just the right spot to be able to put in the rebound to tie up the score.

Haley got off another shot in the 27th minute that went wide. Both teams were working very hard for possession! At half time we spoke about getting the ball to do more of the work by getting it moving quicker.

In the 1st minute of the 2nd half, Rose's shot hit the cross bar! About 10 minutes later she got off another shot that went wide; immediately after that when she took a corner kick, Caroline's shot was saved. 

Yale got lucky in the 44th minute when we lost the ball and they were scrappy in front of our net. Lindsey's shot in the 48th minute was saved. 

Their two goals did not reflect how well we played! We looked like the better team today, but they were lucky! Our control of the midfield, our solid back line and our much-improved passing made us look great. We had good chances, too, so we can't feel much defeat!

GREAT to see so many fans! Kate's mom, Christyn's parents, Caroline's family, Nat's parents, Julia's family, Callie's family, maybe others?! And such wonderful food! THANKS!

G: Hannah
CD: Kate+Lindsay
OD: Mari+Elise, Christina+Callie
CM: Caroline+Lindsey, Liz
OM: Sophie+Julia, Maria+Nat, Izzy+Lizzie
F: Rose+Christyn, Haley+Mel

Shots 10:2  Saves 0:4

3 Sophie shot over
8 Yale breakaway --> 0:1
10 Christyn shot saved, corner
17 Dartmouth corner
19 Lindsey shot saved
20 Lindsey shot saved
24 Yale corner
27 Haley shot wide
31 Rose shot hit the cross bar
32 Yale corner
42 Rose shot wide
43 Rose corner, Caroline shot saved
44 Yale scrappy play in front of our goal --> 1:2
48 Lindsey shot saved

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