Sunday, April 10, 2016

at MIT 10apr2016

After a half-hour break following the game with BC, we faced our hosts, a new team to us. We were lucky MIT could host our games since BC was not able to gain access to a field!

We might have given MIT too much respect at first, and they sent a weak shot for Hannah to save in the 13th minute. After Lindsay hammered a shot wide in the 16th minute, MIT beat our back line by putting a shot into the right side of our net in the 20th minute.

We didn't panic, however, and our passing game improved immediately after that, leading to Callie's perfect pass to Mel, setting up our equalizer in the 27th minute.

Early in the 2nd half, Allison took the game into her own hands (feet?) and ran all the way to the MIT goal to give us the lead. In the 40th minute, Sarah made a great shot that hit the cross bar. 

After Christyn's shot that went wide in the 41st minute, Sarah got another chance when our corner kick came right to her. After it bounced, she placed it perfectly into the MIT net to make the score 3:1.

Rose used her speed to break past the MIT defense, slotting her shot past their keeper into the left side of their net in the 47th minute.

It was a great way to spend a sunny but windy Sunday! 

G: Hannah
CD: Lindsay+ Kate, Mari
OD: Mari+Christina, Callie+Izzy, Mel
CM: Lindsey+Maria, Caroline+Liz
OM: Sophie+Julia, Sarah+Lizzie
F: Allison+Christyn, Rose+Haley, Mel

Shots 7:2  Saves 1:0

13 MIT roller shot saved
16 Lindsay shot wide
20 MIT shot into the right side of our net 0:1
27 MIT corner
27 Callie to Mel 1:1
32 Allison all by herself 2:1
40 Sarah's shot hit the cross bar!
41 Christyn shot wide
41 Dartmouth corner to Sarah half-volley 3:1
47 Rose breakaway, slotted past keeper to left side! 4:1
58 Lizzie corner

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