Saturday, April 16, 2016

Brandeis Tournament 16apr2016

Perfect, clear 50F/10C soccer weather but very windy and a little chilly for our many spectators: Christine Kanoff (!), Lindsay's grandparents, Hannah's family and cute puppy, Izzy's folks, Christyn's folks, Caroline's parents, Lizzie's parents, maybe others?

The Brandeis tournament consists of 30-minute games with varsity teams and one club team, Azzurri, composed of former varsity players, so the games are always very energetic and a highlight of our spring season.

We arrived with just enough time to get in a quick jog and some passes before facing Babson at 11am.

G: Hannah, Laura
CM: Lindsey+Liz, Caroline
OM: Sophie+Sarah, Mel+Lizzie
CD: Lindsay+Kate, Mari
OD: Christine+Elise, Callie+Izzy
F: Allison+Haley, Christyn

Babson 0:0

Babson beat us last year, so we were psyched to be competitive with them this time. They looked threatening on the first corner kick and would have scored if not for Hannah's save in the 5th minute. Allison almost got us on the scoreboard right after that, but her shot was saved. 

Babson's play was quick and direct, but we were up to the task and closed down most of their initiatives. They got off a couple shots that went wide and had one threatening free kick that Hannah saved.

Shots 1:4  Saves 2:1

5 Babson corner, Hannah save
8 Allison shot saved
13 Babson shot wide
28 Babson free kick, Hannah save
29 Babson shot wide

Emmanuel 2:0

We tied this team last year, so it was a testament about our team that we dominated them so easily this time! Sophie and Lindsey both got off shots that went wide, but Liz and Elise set up Christyn for her two goals. She almost got a 3rd goal before she came off so Haley could go on.

Shots 4:0  Saves 0:0

11 Sophie shot wide
15 Liz to Christyn --> 1:0
18 Elise corner Christyn scored --> 2:0
21 Lindsey shot wide

Azzurri 1:1

This club team always demonstrates great skill and are great to play! Izzy played with them before coming to Dartmouth, too, and on occasion I have seen players on their team that I coached when we lived in Needham, MA!

Sophie wasted no time in setting up Christyn for her goal in the first minute of play! It took Azzurri 20 minutes to respond with a well-placed shot in the left corner of our net. They had two corners before Hannah saved a shot 5 minutes before the end of the game. 

Shots 1:3  Saves 1:0

1 Sophie to Christyn --> 1:0
16 Azzurri corner
20 Azzurri shot into the left corner --> 1:1
23 Azzurri corners (2)
25 Azzurri shot saved
26 Azzurri shot wide

Brandeis 0:1

Brandeis is always strong, so we were psyched to come so close to a 0:0 tie. We held them off with good passes and quick movement. They finally got off a shot that Laura saved in the 10th minute. Haley got off a shot in the 16th minute and Brandeis had a couple shots wide after that.

In a play that looked offside, Brandeis put a pass to their left wing who slotted her shot into the far side of our net only 3 minutes from time. We were psyched to be strong enough to hold them off so well. 

Shots 1:5  Saves 1:0

10 Laura save
11 Brandeis corner
16 Haley shot wide
18 Brandeis shot wide
20 Brandeis shot wide
26 Brandeis shot hit the upright
27 Brandeis (offside?) shot to far post --> 0:1

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