Sunday, April 10, 2016

BC at MIT 10apr2016

Below freezing when we left campus, it was clear and windy 5C/40F in Cambridge for our two games with BC and MIT just off the beautiful Charles River.

Very impressive that we had a full roster of players up so early for a very long Sunday -- running two games in one day -- our first outdoors since October!

And so many FANS! Kate's mom, Christyn's parents and team alumna/sister Courtney '14, Lizzie's family, Callie's dad, Izzy's folks (her mom's birthday!), my daughter Lizzy '09 former player on our team now at BU Law School, maybe others?

BC was top of the eastern branch of our league two falls ago when we won the western branch, and we were lucky to beat them in a playoff game that gave us an automatic berth to Regionals. So we knew to expect stiff competition from them!

We spoke about making good passes quickly and keeping the ball on the turf (because of the wind). Both teams applied high pressure, demonstrating skillful passing but neither side maintaining long periods of possession. Hannah saved BC's first shot just before Christyn's two shots in the 4th and 8th minutes. Maria's shot went wide in the 15th minute.

In the 19th minute, BC got really lucky with a shot from something like 25 meters on the left side of the field, hitting the far (right) post and the left post before bouncing into our net. As announcers for many professional games say, "we didn't know much about it", meaning we couldn't do much about it!

Hannah saved another shot that BC got off near then end of the first half, and we earned a corner just before time.

In the 2nd half, BC got off only two shots, and most of the game was in there third, so we showed huge improvement from the first half. After BC's shot wide in the 36th minute, Christina made a perfectly placed cross that Lizzie reached but went just wide. 

Right after that, Christyn got off a great pass to Lizzie that would have been a certain goal but hit the cross bar! Then Caroline's solid shot sailed over the net in the 42nd minute. We earned another corner before Hannah's save in the 58th minute. At the hour mark, Caroline got off two shots in a row that went wide.

Lizzie's corner kick found Rose, whose volley would certainly have been a goal if the BC keeper hadn't been positioned perfectly to save it. Christyn's shot near the end of game was solid but saved.

We beat them in the 2nd half, and our 10 shots to their 5 gave us the right feeling that we are actually probably the better team. Playing BC was a good choice since they are skillful and energetic!

G: Hannah
CD: Lindsay+ Kate, Mari
OD: Mari+Christina, Callie+Mel, Izzy
CM: Lindsey+Maria, Caroline+Liz
OM: Sophie+Julia, Sarah+Lizzie
F: Allison+Christyn, Rose+Haley, Mel

Shots 10:5  Saves 3:3

3 BC shot saved
4 Christyn shot saved
8 Christyn shot wide
15 Maria shot wide
19 BC shot from left hit right upright then left upright! 0:1
31 BC shot saved
35 Dartmouth corner
36 BC shot wide
38 Christina cross to Lizzie shot wide
41 Christyn to Lizzie shot hit the cross-bar!
42 Caroline shot over
54 Dartmouth corner
58 BC shot saved
61 Caroline shot wide
62 Caroline shot wide
64 Lizzie corner to Rose shot saved
68 Christyn shot saved

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