Saturday, October 15, 2016

at UVM 15Oct2016

Brilliant sun, temperatures reaching 60F and wind greeted us after our , colorful fall drive north on I-89. UVM wanted to play 45-minute halves -- we had 7 subs so we thought we could handle that.

We spoke about not holding the ball -- expecting them to put immediate pressure on us -- and not giving them time with the ball.

UVM did put pressure on us immediately and got off a couple shots, one that Laura had to save. We seemed frazzled at first but regained our composure and got two corners -- one that led to a great header that Mel made but was saved.

Maria also got off a shot that was saved before UVM got a few more shots wide.

Neither team could keep the ball, but we showed improvement as the halve progressed. At half time we spoke about that and reiterated that we would keep the ball moving in order to be able to maintain more possession. We also were concerned about a very physical UVM player, so Mari as captain spoke to the ref about that.

Mari got a free kick and Elise had a shot saved before we were called for a hand ball about 30m out from our goal. UVM's shot hit the cross-bar and they headed in the rebound for the game's only goal in the 55th minute. It was a tough break for us since the two teams are so evenly matched.

Another piece of bad luck for was Haley to get a ball kicked into her face! The EMT did some tests that were inconclusive, but she didn't play any more after that.

Laura made another save in the 61st minute. Lindsey made a shot wide and after one of Rose's corners our header hit the post (Mel, perhaps). UVM's free kick went over the bar in the 81st minute. 

Meredith (I think) had a shot wide in the 86th minute, capping a period of high intensity when we tried a 4-3-2-1 formation to get more control over the midfield. It looked promising, and it didn't feel at all that we had been dominated by UVM -- more that they got lucky. 

Their coach thanked us for coming north (most of the other teams won't drive that far) -- it was a wonderful day to be outdoors!a

G: Laura
CD: Mari+Izzy
OD: Elise+Julia, Morgan+Callie
CM: Lindsey+Sarah L, Maria+Elise
OM: Mel+Sarah A, Nat+Meredith
F: Rose+Haley, Jenna, Morgan

Shots 6:9  Saves 2:3

2 UVM corner
3 UVM shot saved
4 UVM shot wide
11 Rose corner (2), Mel header saved
24 Maria shot saved
25 UVM shot wide
27 UVM shot wide
30 Izzy free kick
32 UVM shot wide
38 UVM corner
46 UVM corner
47 Mari free kick
48 Elise shot saved
49 Elise corner
55 UVM free kick
     UVM shot hit the cross-bar
     UVM rebounded header went in --> 0:1
61 UVM shot saved
65 Lindsey shot wide
67 Rose corner
     Mel (?) header hit the upright
81 UVM free kick over the cross-bar
83 UVM free kick
86 Meredith (?) shot wide
88 UVM free kick

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