Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Middlebury 5Oct2016

Brilliant, warm (70F) sunshine welcomed Middlebury JV -- a team we always enjoy playing even when we can't beat them. They saw great colors on their drive over Rochester and Middlebury Gaps -- a drive we always have loved.

Last year Middlebury couldn't find enough players to come, so we were very pleased that our players could manage their midterms and still play. Subs came just in time to give starting players a break.

Lizzie's parents came, and Kate Tomlinson visited during the first half -- she was here recruiting for her firm.

We spoke about making quick, good passes and being an option for receiving a pass. 

Mel showed great energy making a move past a Middlebury defender and put a shot over the bar. Rose took a couple corners kicks beautifully before she got off a shot wide in the 10th minute.

Haley got us on the scoreboard in the 15th minute by being right in front of the Middlebury goal when the ball came to her amid many Middlebury defenders. We had good possession and won many 50/50 chances, even taking the ball from Middlebury often! 

Then Lindsey, who had subbed into central defense, pushed way upfield and fed the ball to Namya, who converted her shot for our second goal.

Rose had another corner kick, Middlebury had two corner kicks, Rose had a shot over the bar and Haley had a shot saved before the short (35-minute) half ended.

In our half-time discussion we were happy to be playing well and to make so many good passes, doing a better job getting forward and keeping the ball.

Lizzie's first shot of the second half went wide, but then we allowed Middlebury to get to our goal, but Sarah Abramowitz saved us. Lindsey's shot was saved in the 39th minute, and Christyn had a shot saved for a corner taken beautifully by Elise.

In the 43rd minute, Lizzie fed the ball to Julia, who got us our third goal. Sarah Latulipe and Morgan both had shots saved before Sarah Abramowitz made another key save on a Middlebury corner kick. 

Mari earned us a corner kick, which was remarkable since she was in center defense and was able to get so far up the field, using her immense skill. Rose did the honor of taking it, but it was Meredith who drove a low shot into the left side of the Middlebury goal for our fourth goal in the 53rd minute. This was remarkable in that Meredith had agreed to play some center midfield and hadn't been in that role for us until today!

Sarah A saved us again when Middlebury got off a shot in the 55th minute, Maria put a shot wide and Rose took another corner before Lindsey made an unusually acrobatic volley to Lizzie, who headed the ball into the Middlebury goal -- but Lizzie was offside so that didn't count.

Sarah L got off a shot that went wide before Lizzie made a move to turn around a Middlebury defender so she could shoot a low shot in to the left side of the goal for our fifth goal in the 67th minute.

It was a fine day to work on our passing, and the higher quality of our play was very apparent from the long periods of possession and high score from the game. 

Many players made great choices to take on and beat Middlebury defenders when they might otherwise have passed the ball -- Christina got all the way to the Middlebury end line doing that, and Mari, Maria, Elise, Morgan, Julia and Lindsey all got to the Middlebury third from defensive positions. 

There were more diagonal passes -- Mel stood out for making some great non-intuitive passes that threw off the Middlebury players, and more give-and-go passes in traffic along the sides -- we were calmer in getting the ball forward from our defensive third and were able to use short passes instead of just kicking the ball forward (which often means loss of possession).

Shots 17:3  Saves 3:4

F: Rose+Haley, Christyn+Nat
CM: Lindsey+Sarah L, Maria+Elise, Namya, Meredith
OM: Mel+Lizzie, Meredith+Sarah A, Julia+Nat
CD: Mari+Christina, Lindsey, Maria
OD: Maria+Julia, Morgan+Elise, Christina
G: Morgan, Sarah A

2 Mel shot over
9 Rose corner (2)
10 Rose shot wide left
15 Haley amid traffic --> 1:0
24 Namya from Lindsey who ran up from center defense --> 2:0
26 Rose corner
27,29 Midd corner
33 Rose shot overside
36 Haley shot over
37 Lizzie shot wide
38 Midd shot saved by Sarah A
39 Lindsey shot saved
40 Christyn shot saved for a corner taken by Elise
43 Lizzie to Julia --> 3:0
44 Sarah L shot saved
46 Morgan shot saved
47 Midd corner/Sarah A save
52 Mari earned a corner taken by Rose
53 Meredith low drive into lower left corner --> 4:0
55 Midd shot saved by Sarah A
56 Midd corner
57 Maria shot wide
58 Rose corner
62 Lindsey volley to Lizzie's header called offside
65 Sarah L shot wide
67 Lizzie ground shot lower left -> 5:0
70 Mel corner

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