Sunday, October 9, 2016

at Yale 9Oct2016

Leaving Hanover in cool colorful fall conditions we found rain and wind once we got into Connecticut. When we arrived at field C1 on Central Ave in New Haven, Yale were playing Quinnipiac -- the team we were to face after playing Yale.

We got a little bit of a late start -- deciding to wake a player who for sure wanted to come and get food from '53 Commons that opened a little later than we had hoped to leave. But we arrived at the Yale field around 11am for our 11:45am game. We easily decided it was better not to rush to warm up since the conditions were so blistery and raw!

We had FANS! Christina's folks+pups+treats from Virginia, Lizzie's parents+treats, Natalie's folks and Lindsey's aunt and uncle -- maybe others? Rose's grandparents arrived as were leaving, but she did get to see them. Impressive that Callie came with us even though she is not quite ready to play.

We spoke about keeping the ball moving and being quick with our passes. The wet conditions meant that the ball skipped and bounced awkwardly. Yale told us we would play 30-minute halves.

We responded extremely well! Lizzie, Sarah L and Izzy got off shots early in the game -- in the first 12 minutes we had 6 shots to Yale's one shot that Laura saved. Given the slippery conditions, goalkeeper saves are even more impressive.

Elise took a free kick in the 18th minute and Sarah L got off another shot just before the half. 

Our passing and movement were better than ever, and we responded well to the high pressure Yale put on us.

In the second half, Yale put a shot over the cross-bar before Elise took a free kick and Christyn put a shot over. There was a long period where neither team could create chances, and Laura made two key saves late in the game, followed by the upright post preventing Yale in the last minute.

We were happy with the improvement in our style of play, greater energy and better passing. Just as we were going to welcome Quinnipiac onto the pitch, their captains said they had no goalkeeper and would play if we insisted but would forfeit if we didn't. After a short discussion our team decided that the weather was a big impediment and that we would be happy to head home and warm up in our vans.

G: Laura
CD: Mari+Christina, Izzy
OD: Izzy+Katie, Morgan+Julia
CM: Lindsey+Sarah L, Maria+Elise
OM: Mel+Rose, Nat+Jenna, Meredith+Sarah A
F: Lizzie+Haley, Namya+Christyn

Shots 9:5 Saves 3:3

2 Lizzie shot saved
3 Izzy shot saved
7 Sarah L shot over
11 Yale shot saved
12 Sarah L shot saved
12 Izzy shot wide
18 Elise free kick
23 Yale corner
28 Sarah L shot over
31 Yale shot over
33 Elise free kick
34 Christyn shot over
38 Yale corner
51 Yale corner
52 Yale shot saved
58 Yale shot saved
59 Yale free kick hit post, corner

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