Saturday, October 2, 2010

at Middlebury 2October2010

On a clear, crisp day after heavy rains that made fields soggy, we were lucky Middlebury's JV team had access to their big turf field. We knew they would press hard since you won last year.

We talked about keeping the ball, switching the ball across the field and controlling the game, and you did just that. Your work in practice really paid off: You kept the ball well, and when you lost it you worked quickly to win it back. Your communication was noticeably better, too.

In the first half you mostly kept the ball in the their end of the field, but their defense limited your scoring opportunities. All 3 of your shots by Felds, Jenn and Elle were on target (saves), but their single shot was wide.

In the second half, they looked more threatening but again you limited them to only one shot, which went wide. In the 70th minute Jenn made a great cross to Courtney, whose shot was saved near the post but went out for a corner. Mila's cross came right to Emily N's head for the first goal. Ten minutes later Emily N scored again!

GK: Hannah -- special thanks for filling in for Abbe!
OD: Annie+Kemp, Liz N+Blythe
CD: Elle+Collin
OM: Casey+Laura, Jenn+Ginny, Mila+Katherine
CM: Felds+Sarah, Molly+Emily Baer
F: Emily N+Bri, Courtney

Shots 11:2 on target: 8:0
5 M shot wide
15 Felds shot saved
17 M corner
20 Jenn shot saved
30 Elle shot saved
38 D corner
47 Felds free kick to Sarah shot over
49 Laura shot over
61 M shot wide
68 M corner
70 Jenn's cross to Courtney whose shot was saved for a corner
70 Mila's cross converted by Emily N's header --> 1:0
77+79 Molly's shots saved
80 Emily N --> 2:0
90 Courntey shot wide

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