Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Holderness 13October2010

Warm, sunny, gorgeous "Pref Day" for sororities! You knew they would have lots of energy, and for awhile you were concerned that your ball possession was not up to your standards.

JWilly's crosses found Emily N's head twice in minutes 5 and 6, and Jess playing sweeper made it all the up field for a cross that Emily also converted. You hammered them with shots, and Molly put one in from 25 m!

But your scoring didn't make you happy at half-time. We spoke about diagonal passes and dribbling, keeping the passes simple, spreading out when we have the ball.

You all reacted positively in the 2nd half, connecting more of your passes and moving more unpredictably. Casey in left mid made a perfect through pass for (overlapping) Jenn, whose cross traveled all the way to on-running right midfielder Laura who one-timed it skillfully into the net with great power.

In the last 2o minutes Sarah, Hannah and Bets (on a feed from Molly) all found the back of the net. As a couple of you commented: "someone other than Emily Niehaus scored"!

F: Emily N+JWilly, Hannah+Katherine
CM: Sarah+Bets, Molly+Emily B
OM: Casey+ Ginny, Laura+Mila
CD: Elle+Jess, Ginny+Collin
OD: Blythe+Liz K, Jenn+Liz N
GK: Abbe

Shots 19:4 Saves 2:8
1 Casey shot saved
2 Bets shot saved
3 Holderness shot wide
4 JWilly cross to Emily N's header wide
5 JWilly cross to Emily 's head --> 1:0
6+7 Dartmouth corner
8 JWilly cross to Casey header wide
9 Jess cross to JWilly shot wide but Emily N scored on rebound --> 2:0
22 Katherine shot saved
23 Mila shot wide
24 Ginny shot wide
27 Molly shot saved
29+32 Holderness shot saved
33 Hannah shot saved
34 Molly from 25 m --> 3:0
40 Holderness corner
45 Holderness shot wide
47 Dartmouth corner -> Laura shot over
50 Casey pass to Jenn whose cross found Laura --> 4:0
55 Dartmouth corner
60 Sarah! -->5:0
61 Bets shot saved
64 Hannah shot saved
66 Mila shot saved
67 Hannah! --> 6:0
72 Holderness corner
74 Dartmouth corner --> Hannah shot wide
80 Molly to Bets! --> 7:0

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