Thursday, October 21, 2010

Middlebury 21Oct2010

Intermittent rain, cool temperatures. Collin's parents and Elle's mom came! It was Middlebury's last game and they were primed to erase their home loss to you. We were originally to play them Saturday but they asked for mid-week in light of their Homecoming this weekend. We found it disorienting to start without players from 2A classes, but we had eleven players who showed positional flexibility.

From the start, Middlebury showed a lot of energy and pressured you hard, but Emily N almost scored on a header from Mila's cross in the 4th minute. In the 7th minute, we had difficulty clearing a scrappy ball in front of our goal, and, although it was not entirely clear whether the ball went over the line, Hannah was honest with the ref that it had. After our substitutions Middlebury sent a pass deep and wide for their wing, who slotted her shot carefully and forcefully into the side of the net for their second goal. After that our 5 shots demonstrated that we could get back into the game. Felds' free kick threatened but was saved by their keeper.

At half-time we talked about being quicker and connecting more of our passes, and you did just that. There were no more goals but you played much more of your own game and created chances. Early in the second half Collin saved an almost-certain Middlebury breakaway-goal. You peppered them with 7 more shots but their keeper saved the 5 that were on target. JWilly and Emily N had several great chances but Middlebury was compact in front of their goal. They got only 4 shots off in the second half. Overall you looked like the better team, but they were lucky with the few chances they had!

Shots 13:9 Saves 2:7

F: Emily N+Courtney, JWilly+Bri
CM: Emily B+Ginny,
OM: Casey+Mila, Ally+Blythe+Katherine
CD: Elle+Collin, Jess
OD: Liz N+Jenn, Annie+Liz K
GK: Hannah

4 Emily N header saved
7 Middlebury scrappy goal --> 0:1
10 Middlebury shot wide
12 Dartmouth corner
19+20 Middlebury shot wide
31 Middlebury scored off a pass to a wide player behind our defense --> 0:2
32 Collin shot wide
33 Molly shot wide
37 JWilly shot wide
43 Felds free kick saved
43 Dartmouth corner, Blythe shot wide
47 Dartmouth corner
49 Ginny shot wide
50 Collin prevented a Middlebury bread-away
52 Dartmouth corner
59 JWilly shot saved
62 Felds shot saved
63 JWilly shot saved
63 Dartmouth corner
67 Middlebury shot wide
71 JWilly shot saved
73 Middlebury free kick saved by Hannah
74+81 Emily N shots saved
84 Middlebury shot woide
88 Middlebury shot saved

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