Saturday, October 23, 2010

Keene State 23October2010

Lucky to find a team to play us when Middlebury moved our Saturday game to Thursday, we discovered that Keene State was looking for games, having just formed their club a few weeks ago. Blue sky, nice playing temperature, lots of FANS! Perfect day!

We talked about being quick and connecting our passes. You not only did that -- you scored a goal every 1o minutes on average! Two-thirds of your shots were on target! Most of the game was in their half and you kept the ball very well. Keene never let up, to their credit, but your connected passes made it hard for them to get the ball. We can work on staying wider when we have the ball, but overall we are showing good improvement through the season!

Impressively, you attacked better as a whole -- everyone pushed forward when you had the ball. This tactic paid off sweetly, with many occasions that outside defenders made runs up the sides, and even central defenders got shots off -- Collin scored from distance after pushing up! Abbe, lucky to have a skilled sub in Hannah for the second half, scored, too!

GK: Abbe, Hannah
CD: Collin, Jess
OD: Annie+Liz K, Blythe+Liz N
CM: Felds+Laura, Molly+Hannah, Sarah R+Betsy
OM: Casey+Ginny, Jenn+Katherine
F: Emily N+Bri, Courtney+Ally'13, JWilly

Shots 27:3 Saves 1:9

2 Dartmouth corner
6 Bri shot over
8 Emily N off a feed from Felds --> 1:0
10 Felds shot hit the cross-bar on its way over
11 Felds shot saved
15 Bri shot saved
17 Ginny fired a diagonal shot from the right --> 2:0
18 Ally '13 --> 3:0
20 Collin hammered a shot from 25m --> 4:0
24 Hannah shot wide
25 Jenn shot over
26 Molly shot saved
27 Ally shot saved
29 Katherine's cross to Ally's header --> 5:0
34 Bets shot wide
35 Courtney shot saved --> corner
35 Sarah R in the crowd after the corner --> 6:0
40 Blythe shot saved
42 Katherine shot saved --> corner
44 Bri shot over
45 Blythe shot saved
49 Abbe after a through-ball feed from Felds --> 7:0
55 Keene shot, Hannah save
67 Molly on a diagonal pass from Liz N --> 8:0
68 Keene shot wide
69 Bri shot wide
71 Liz N shot saved
73 Bri blasted a shot from the left --> 9:0
75 Bri shot wide
78 Keene shot wide
81 Keene shot, Hannah save
85 Elle shot wide

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