Sunday, September 25, 2011

UMass 25Sep2011

It was a hot 27C/80F, and we had waited after our game with UVM for them to play UMass before we could play UMass.  Our 2nd game of the day started at 3pm.  It felt like a long day since we started at Garipay before 11am.

UMass tied UVM 0:0 before they played us.  I the first half we had 3 shots to their 4 with none of those on target.  At the half we talked about settling the game down and connecting our passes; we did a much better job doing that, but we had one mistake that cost us a goal.

After the goal, we had 7 shots but only one on target.  UMass had one shot over and one hit the cross-bar.  We were the better side but we couldn't find the target, that's all!  Our passing got better, we made more diagonal runs and passes, and there was more action in their half than ours.  Even though we were tired (3 games in two days!) we kept trying to the end.  Afterward we decided *not* to schedule any more Sat-Sun game days!

F: Emily+Courtney, Julia, Caroline, Bri
CM: Molly+Emily Baer, Shelby+Natalie, Laura 
WM: Jenn+Mila, Ginny+Catherine
CD: Ally+Annie S, Hannah
OD: Blythe+Liz, Christine+Annie O
G: Dani

Shots 10:7  Saves 1:1

2 Emily B shot wide
4 Jenn shot wide
11 UMass corner
18 Dani came out to grab a ground ball before UMass could get to it
20 Julia shot wide
23 UMass shot over
27,33,34 Umass shot wide
35 UMass shot into the left side of our goal --> 0:1
38 Jenn shot wide
39 Emily N shot wide
44 UMass hit the upright
45 Caroline shot wide
47 Molly free kick wide
50 Julia shot wide
54 Ally shot saved
56 UMass shot over
59 Ginny shot over

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