Sunday, September 25, 2011

UVM 25Sep2011

Last May, UMass asked to play our team this fall and suggested a round-robin with UVM.  The team's leaders thought it might be possible to play two 60-min games in one day since a lot of players would be available so early in the term.  

We were at Williams yesterday, and we were starting to improve our passes and find each other more often.

The weather was wonderfully warm and clear -- 20's C/70's F.  We were at Garipay (Sachem had a frisbee tournament), which was in good condition.

Molly started off the shooting with 4 shots in ten minutes; Jenn had a shot over the bar.  Twenty minutes went by before UVM had a shot that was easily saved by our wonderful new sub GK Chelsea Estevez '14.  Right after that Christine's corner found Shelby, who made scoring look easy!

In the second 1/2-hour half, UVM stepped up their game, getting 6 of their 8 shots off, one finally making it in to tie the game.  They only had 3 shots on target; we had 6.

By the end of the game, after playing two days in a row, many were thinking we had taken on more games than we should have!  We will keep this in mind next fall!

F: Emily+Courtney, Julia, Caroline, Bri
CM: Molly+Emily Baer, Shelby+Natalie, Laura 
WM: Jenn+Mila, Ginny+Catherine
CD: Ally+Annie S, Hannah
OD: Blythe+Liz, Christine+Annie O
G: Chelsea Estevez '14 sub for Dani

Shots 11:8  Saves 1:4

1,2,7,10 Molly's shots saved
13 Jenn's shot over
19 UVM shot saved by Chelsea
20 Christine's corner converted by Shelby --> 1:0
23 Shelby's shot over
25 UVM shot hit the cross-bar
35 Jenn's shot saved
37 Jenn's shot wide
40 UVM scored --> 1:1
44 Julia's shot wide
44 Christine's corner
48 UVM two corners
50, 51 UVM shot wide
52 Bri's shot wide
58 UVM shot saved by Chelsea

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