Saturday, October 10, 2015

UVM 10Oct2015

Crisp 45F air following the windy rainy bonfire last night, the morning started out overcast but turned sunny during the game!

So many FANS came! Christine Kanoff and Caroline Gellman came! Caroline's family, Callie's parents, Lizzie's parents and sister, Lindsay's parents and grandparents, Christyn's dad (maybe mom, too?), maybe others?

After our beating UVM last fall, we were expecting them to present the huge challenge they usually provide! Their coach's son was my son's coach at Green Mountain Valley School in 1998, so our team has a pretty friendly and respectful relationship with them. 

Beforehand, we spoke about keeping the ball moving -- that the ball can move faster than the opposing team. And we took a moment to remember Summer Hammond '17 again, thanking Lindsay for getting her #23 stitched onto our jersey sleeves.

Both teams showed a great deal of energy and pressure to get possession, with neither team getting much time with the ball. After UVM got off a couple shots, Melanie put her shot wide in the 29th minute.

A minute later, Lindsey had her first shot saved but put in the rebound to get us on the scoreboard in the 30th minute. After Mel got off another shot that went wide, UVM sent a pass forward between our defense with (I thought) a player offsides and put the ball into the back of our net to even the score in the 37th minute.

UVM put two shots wide, and so did Liz, Callie and Lindsay before the half ended in the 47th minute (extra time added on for Hannah to put on shin guards -- awarded a yellow card for illegal equipment!).

At half time we spoke briefly about being more diagonal rather than sending the ball straight up the field. 

UVM put a header over our net right away and then Hannah saved a shot from them before Sophie collected a poor distribution from their goalkeeper and sent a beautifully struck ball in the upper left corner of the UVM net for the go-ahead goal in the 51st minute.

Several minutes later UVM rattled our cross bar with a shot the easily could have been a goal. In the 67th minute, Christyn had her shot saved. Hannah made five more saves in the remainder of the half with Haley getting two shots off wide and shots from Caroline and Mel saved. Hannah's last save from a free kick that touched her fingertips before rattling off our cross bar gave us the win that we all felt we deserved.

Our passing and our speed of play improved as the game progressed, and we were pleased to look so good for all of our fans! The team would like to thank Lizzie's family for the smart new red adidas training bibs ("pinnies")!

F: Allison+Christyn, Melanie+Haley
OM: Sophie+Julia, Maria+Nat, Izzy+Lizzie
CM: Caroline+Lindsey, Liz+Elise
OD: Mari+Elise, Christine+Callie
CD: Kate+Lindsay, Mari+Julia
G: Hannah

Shots 13:13  Saves 7:3

13 UVM shot saved
15 UVM free kick
17 UVM corner
22 UVM shot wide
29 Mel shot wide
30 Lindsey shot saved
30 Lindsey got rebound --> 1:0
33 Mel shot wide
37 UVM (offsides!) goal --> 1:1
40 UVM shot wide
41 UVM shot wide
42 Liz shot wide
43 Callie shot wide
47 Dartmouth corner, Lindsay shot wide
half time
46 UVM header over
47 UVM shot saved
51 Sophie shot into upper left corner --> 2:1
56 UVM corner
57 UVM shot hit the cross bar!
59 Dartmouth free kick
67 Christyn shot saved
71 UVM corner
72 UVM corner
76 UVM shot saved
79 UVM corner
80 UVM shot saved
81 Haley shot wide
83 UVM shot saved
86 Haley shot wide
87 UVM shot saved
89 Caroline shot saved
90 Mel shot saved
91 UVM free kick finger-tip save by Hannah, hit the cross-bar

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